The Court Martial of Major Keller

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The Court Martial of Major Keller
"The Court Martial of Major Keller" (1961).jpg
Directed by Ernest Morris
Produced by Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Written by Brian Clemens
Starring Laurence Payne
Susan Stephen
Ralph Michael
Richard Caldicot
Music by Bill LeSage
Cinematography James Wilson
Edited by Spencer Reeve
Danziger Productions
Distributed by Warner-Pathé Distributors
Release date
Running time
69 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Court Martial of Major Keller is a 1961 British film directed by Ernest Morris and written by Brian Clemens. It stars Laurence Payne, Susan Stephen and Austin Trevor.[1] The film recounts the court martial for murder of Major Keller, a British army officer during the Second World War. He is charged with killing his superior officer, but remains silent, refusing to defend himself. [2]


Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide gave the film two out of four stars, calling it an "occasionally interesting courtroom drama." [3]


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