The Cousin from Nowhere (1934 film)

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The Cousin from Nowhere
The Cousin from Nowhere (1934 film).jpg
Directed by Georg Zoch
Produced by Viktor Klein
Written by Georg Zoch
Herman Haller (libretto)
Fritz Oliven (libretto)
Starring Lien Deyers
Lizzi Holzschuh
Walter von Lennep
Rudolf Platte
Music by Eduard Künneke
Cinematography Bruno Mondi
Edited by Else Baum
Victor Klein-Film
Distributed by Rota-Film
Release date
11 September 1934
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

The Cousin from Nowhere (German: Der Vetter aus Dingsda) is a 1934 German operetta film directed by Georg Zoch and starring Lien Deyers, Lizzi Holzschuh and Walter von Lennep. It is based on the 1921 operetta The Cousin from Nowhere composed by Eduard Künneke. It was later turned into a 1953 film of the same title.[1]



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