The Crackup Suite

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The Crackup Suite
The Crackup Suite.jpg
Studio album by Carbon/Silicon
Released March 9, 2007
Recorded January - February, 2007
Genre Rock
Length 35:28
Producer Tony James/Mick Jones
Carbon/Silicon chronology
Western Front
The Crackup Suite
The News EP

The Crackup Suite is a mini-album by Carbon/Silicon and their third official release, put out on March 9, 2007 (see 2007 in music). The songs have now been removed and replaced with their new album The Carbon Bubble as a free download on their website [1].

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Tony James and Mick Jones

  1. "T.F.Madness" (5:38)
  2. "Pier 51" (4:12)
  3. "The System" (4:58)
  4. "Prophet" (5:21)
  5. "Buckethead" (8:44)
  6. "Falun Gong Love Song" (6:35)


  • In 2010, this was commercially released as The Crack-up Suite Parts 1 and 2 on iTunes and Amazon with the following six additional tracks:
    • Barnes Wallace
    • Liberty Valance
    • Hillbilly Slamdown
    • Giving Heaven Hell
    • Hey Charlie Chaplin
    • My Brain is Broken