The Crescent, Limerick

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View of The Crescent, Limerick. The Jesuit Church can be seen centered while the O'Connell Monument is to the left.

The Crescent (Irish: An Corrán) is a street in Limerick, Ireland and is one of the highlights of Georgian Limerick. The area takes its name from the shape of the terraced buildings on both sides. The two sides combined give the street a distinctive crescent oval shape. The Crescent was originally known as Richmond Place.[1] A monument to Daniel O'Connell; the 19th Century Irish Political leader stands at the centre of The Crescent overlooking O'Connell Street. On the west side is the Church of the Sacred Heart, a former Jesuit church that closed in 2006. In 2012 the church was bought by a new religious order known as the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest who hope to restore the church. Adjoining the Church of the Sacred Heart was Crescent College run by the Jesuit Order. It is now located in Dooradoyle suburbs. The site is now occupied by Limerick Tutorial College, a fee paying private school.

The Crescent also lends its name to other areas of Limerick including the Crescent Shopping Centre in Dooradoyle and Old Crescent rugby club, which grew out of Crescent College.


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Coordinates: 52°39′32″N 8°37′54″W / 52.6589°N 8.6318°W / 52.6589; -8.6318