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The Crew
Cover to The Crew #6, art by J. H. Williams III.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Publication date July 2003 - January 2004
Number of issues 7
Main character(s) Junta
Josiah X
Kasper Cole
War Machine
Creative team
Creator(s) Christopher Priest (writer)
Joe Bennett (artist)

The Crew was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 2003. The series was cancelled with its seventh issue. The series was written by Christopher Priest, and illustrated by Joe Bennett.


The Crew takes place in the No Man's Land between the streets of Little Mogadishu and those of the exclusive gated community of Princeton Walk in Brooklyn, NY. Princeton Walk was developed by multimillion-dollar investments and tax incentives to Grace & Tumbalt, a largely black-owned corporation, who cleaned up a section of Brooklyn and moved the criminal element and the poverty line residents out.[1]


Little Mogadishu, or The Mog as the locals call it, is a side effect of the gentrification process, that displaced criminal and poverty elements who are now concentrated in a war zone outside Princeton Walk's walls. The Crew was to be about family.[1]


According to Christopher Priest's pitch, the Crew was about four hardened heroes who had all lost their families. Four men who came together initially out of self-interest, but would soon discover their commonality of loss. The Crew were all, in one way or another, orphans. These men were intensely dedicated to their respective goals, but each had a hole in their center. The Crew would have highlighted each man's personal evolution to their state of grace.[1]

The seven stories that were released before the book's cancellation were, for the most part, introductory pieces, basically breaking down the lives of each member, his personal pain and the universe he lived in. The bulk of the first arc, Big Trouble In Little Mogadishu, was necessarily focused on the origin of Josiah X, son of Isaiah Bradley from Truth: Red, White & Black. The writer Christopher Priest intended that Josiah would eventually lead the team.[1][2]

While many of the characters in The Crew were represented by minority races in the United States, Christopher Priest chose not to center The Crew around race relations.


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