The Crooklyn Clan

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Crooklyn Clan
Also known as Rite Bros.
Origin New York City
Genres Hip hop, mash up, party break
Years active 1993–present
Labels Crooklyn Clan Records
Associated acts Fatman Scoop
Members DJ Riz
DJ Sizzahandz

The Crooklyn Clan is a New York–based hip hop and mash-up production team. The members are Brooklyn NY natives DJ Sizzahandz & DJ Riz. The group was formed in 1993 with their first release on Nervous Records.

They produced the Fatman Scoop hit single, "Be Faithful". The single went platinum in Europe and hit number one in various countries. They also produced the follow-up single, "It Takes Scoop". The song went gold in Europe and entered the Top 40 in Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland.

The duo has produced tracks for artists including DJ Kool, Funkmaster Flex, Sean Paul, and Stik-E & The Hoodz, as well as featured music in the movie Save The Last Dance and warm up sets for the New York Knicks.



  • Shoot Tha Pump – New York Block Party Hip Hop (Concrete, 1997)
  • Crooklyn Clan Presents Blendz Vol. 1 (Crooklyn Clan Records, 2004)
  • Club Planet Party Mix (Rhino Records, 2005)


  • Tha Doin' It (AV8, 1996)
  • 2 Minute Bangaz (AV8, 2003)


  • "Coffee Breaks" (AV8, 1995)
  • "Deez R Da Breakz (AV8, 1995)
  • "Funky Relaxation"/"Put Your Hands Up" (Strapped Records, 1995)
  • "Club Headz" (AV8, 1996)
  • "Eargasmz" (AV8, 1996)
  • "Chooze One" (AV8, 1997)
  • "Here We Go Now" (Kahuna Cuts, 1997)
  • "Dancefloor Delightz" (AV8, 1998)
  • "Where U @?" (AV8, 1998)
  • "Where the Ladies At?" (AV8, 1998)
  • "Wut Wut" (AV8, 1998)
  • "Be Faithful" (AV8, 1999)
  • "Did I Do That" (AV8, 1999)
  • "South" (AV8, 2000)
  • "It Takes Scoop" (Def Jam UK, 2003)
  • "Let's Get Ill" (AV8, 2003)
  • "Ayo" (AV8, 2004)
  • "Treatz Vol. 2" (Crooklyn Clan Records, 2005)
  • "Archivez Vol. 1" (AV8)
  • "Crown Motivator (AV8)
  • "If Ya'll Don't Give A F***!" (RB Records)
  • "Transitionz" (AV8)
  • "Treatz" (AV8)
  • "Where Dey At?" (Landspeed Records)
  • "You'll Never Find" (AV8)
  • "Worldwyde" (AV8, 1998)

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