The Crouches

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The Crouches
Written by Ian Pattison
Directed by Nick Wood
Starring Robbie Gee
Jo Martin
Mona Hammond
Rudolph Walker
Jimmy Akingbola
Ony Uhiara
Akemnji Ndifornyen (1)
Aaron Shosanya (2)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 12
Producer(s) Stephen McCrum
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel BBC One
Original release 9 September 2003 – 14 February 2005

The Crouches is a sitcom that aired on BBC One between 2003 and 2005, starring Rudolph Walker. Other main cast members were Robbie Gee and Jo Martin. Walker played Robbie Gee's (Roly) father, and Mona Hammond, who played Jo's (Natalie) mother. The show was not well received by critics and only two series were made. It ratings were moderate, attracting an average of 3 million viewers.

Childhood sweethearts Roly Crouch (Robbie Gee) and Natalie (Jo Martin) have been married for 18 years. Roly works at for the London Underground at Lambeth North as a Station Assistant. Roly has two best mates, Ed and Bailey. Bailey, who is portrayed by Don Warrington is his boss, and Ed, who is portrayed by Danny John-Jules is also a station assistant.

Ed is married to Lindy. Their relationship is rocky, and even when Lindy chucks him out of the house at times, he still thinks that she loves him and that it is her way of expressing her love to him.

Natalie used to be in a rap duo with best mate Lindy, who is portrayed by Llewella Gideon, called "Bun and Cheese". Nat said they wanted to be Britain's answer to Salt-n-Pepa, but their musical career didn't take off despite Roly's support (he was the only person not to boo at their performances). She now manages a discount store (Poundkickers) in Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre and longs for some sophistication in her life.

They have two demanding teenagers, Aiden, who was played by Akemnji Ndifernyana in series one and was replaced by Aaron Shosanya in series two and Adele, who is played by Ony Uhiara. Roly and Natalie also have their parents living in the household. Langley, who is portrayed by Rudolph Walker and Sylvie, who is portrayed by Mona Hammond. The pressure on the Crouch household sometimes reaches boiling point.

Grandad a.k.a. (Langley) is Roly's mischievous Trinidadian father. He was married to Roly's mum Primrose for many years until she died eight years earlier. However he still has a keen eye for the ladies. His favourite pastimes (besides ladies!) are dominoes and winding up Roly. He once invented a dance called Lick My Rifle.

Grandma a.k.a. (Sylvie) is Natalie's Jamaican mother who was married for many years to Natalie's father Roy. But she's now a widow and lives with Natalie and the family. She dislikes Roly's miserly ways, cream teas and her cousin Janet's "tee hee" laugh. She knows that Grandpa Langley is after her, but she is more than a match for him.

Aiden is the Crouches young son. He has Beyoncé posters on his wall and loves computer games. Aidan hates tidying up and loves fighting with his sister.

Adele is Roly and Nat's feisty, sharp-tongued daughter who loves clubbing and giving her parents grief. She doesn't "do" work and can't see why her parents don't approve of her "businessman" boyfriend, Dennis Dutton - as if that is going to stop her from seeing him. Dennis is portrayed by Jimmy Akingbola.

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