The Crypt (Kings Dominion)

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The Crypt
The Crypt Kings Dominion.jpg
The Crypt in the middle of a cycle
Kings Dominion
Area Safari Village
Status Operating
Opening date 2005
General statistics
Attraction type Top Spin
Manufacturer HUSS Park Attractions
Model Suspended Top Spin
Height restriction 54–80 in (137–203 cm)
Previous names Tomb Raider: Firefall

The Crypt (formerly Tomb Raider: Firefall) is a HUSS Park Attraction suspended Top Spin ride located at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. The Crypt was also the name of a giant top spin at Kings Dominion's sister park, Kings Island (Kings Island's version closed on October 30, 2011 while the Kings Dominion version still operates). Both rides were originally themed after the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, until Kings Dominion, Kings Island, and the other three Paramount Parks were sold to the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.


The ride begins when dramatic drum beats starts to play. Orchestral music starts to play as the top spin rotates backwards and the main gondola locks in position nearing the top. The ride rotates forwards and unlocks the gondola, inverting it two to three times as water bomb effects blast out. The top spin continues rotating forward and stops as the gondola locks in position at the top. The top spin slowly tips over as fire burst in the surrounding water and giant ancient head in front. Again, the top spin repeats the first section of the cycle while hasher fire and water bomb effects go on. The gondola inverts another five to six times until the music stops and you are let down.[citation needed]

Differences with the Kings Island version[edit]

  • The Kings Island version was a Giant Top Spin, and the only one to ever exist.
  • This version is an open area while Kings Island's was indoors.
  • The props from the Tomb Raider film were removed in Kings Island while this version retained the replicated Monkey Warrior statues and the Griffin statues.
  • The music, water fountains, fire, and smoke were also retained.
  • Kings Island closed their crypt on October 30, 2011 while the Kings Dominion version still operates.

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Coordinates: 50°47′55.18″N 6°52′53.26″E / 50.7986611°N 6.8814611°E / 50.7986611; 6.8814611