The Cuba Wars

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  • Based on more than a dozen trips to Cuba since 2001 and more than fifty interviews of major players in Washington, DC, Havana, and Miami.
  • The author of this book, Dan Erikson, is a graduate of Greely High School in Cumberland Center, ME, and a senior associate at the Inter-American Dialogue thinktank in Washington. It has been well received by many organizations including The Brookings Institution which hosted the author and a distinguished panel of experts for a discussion on November 25, 2008, shortly after the book's publication.[1]
  • This has been “highly recommended” by Library Journal for “remarkable insight into the fate of Cuba after Fidel.” Jorge Domínguez of Harvard University praised the book for its “fascinating stories that illustrate the larger drama,” and Riordan Roett of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies says that “Wise policy makers will take Erikson’s book as a guide to what to do next.” [2]
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