The Cullinan

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The Cullinan
The Cullinan 201408.jpg
General information
Location Union Square, Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°18′19.4″N 114°09′38.8″E / 22.305389°N 114.160778°E / 22.305389; 114.160778Coordinates: 22°18′19.4″N 114°09′38.8″E / 22.305389°N 114.160778°E / 22.305389; 114.160778
Construction started 2007
Completed 2008/2009
Antenna spire 270 m (885.8 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 93
Design and construction
Architect Wong & Ouyang
Developer Sun Hung Kai Properties
Main contractor Sanfield building contractors
The Cullinan from Union Square.

The Cullinan (Chinese: 天璽; Cantonese Yale: Tīnsáai) is a residential complex located in Hong Kong's Union Square. This prime waterfront residence has glass curtain walls and sweeping views of the Victoria Harbour. The glass facade gives the twin towers a futuristic look, matching the design language used on the nearby International Commerce Centre.

This complex was named after the 3,106 carat (621.2 g) Cullinan Diamond found in 1905; the largest diamond in the world.

During development under Sun Hung Kai Properties, the complex went by Kowloon Station Development Package 6 and Union Square Phase 6. Both towers of The Cullinan complex, called The Cullinan North Tower and The Cullinan South Tower, are Hong Kong's tallest residential towers at 68 stories and 270 metres (886 feet). They were completed in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Original proposal[edit]

The Cullinan complex was proposed at only 45 stories up until the cancellation of Union Square Phase 5. After Phase 5 was dropped, the Cullinan Towers were proposed at the current 93 floors instead.[1]

According to Time magazine, it "could well qualify as the world's most expensive apartments."[2]

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