The Cure in Orange

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The Cure in Orange
The Cure in Orange.jpg
Video by The Cure
Released February 23, 1987

August 8-10, 1986
Length 94:46

The Cure in Orange is a concert film by British rock group The Cure.[1] It was filmed at the Théâtre antique d'Orange in the French countryside (Orange, Vaucluse), on 8, 9, and 10 August 1986. Band members Robert Smith (Vocals & guitar), Simon Gallup (Bass guitar), Porl Thompson (Keyboards, guitar and saxophone), Boris Williams (Drums), and Lol Tolhurst (Keyboards) make their way through 23 songs.

DVD release[edit]

Smith mentioned on the band's official website that The Cure in Orange would be released on DVD sometime in 2010[2] as it was only made available on VHS, Laserdisc and Video CD[3]. The US edition of the Laserdisc suffers from the audio and video being significantly out of sync. To date, the DVD remains unreleased. It is unknown whether it will also be released on Blu-Ray, like The Cure's more recent video release, Trilogy.


  • "Introduction", Recording of "Relax", from the album Blue Sunshine by "The Glove"
  • "Shake Dog Shake"
  • "Piggy in the Mirror"
  • "Play for Today"
  • "A Strange Day"
  • "Primary"
  • "Kyoto Song"
  • "Charlotte Sometimes"
  • "Inbetween Days"
  • "The Walk"
  • "A Night Like This"
  • "Push"
  • "One Hundred Years"
  • "A Forest"
  • "Sinking"
  • "Close to Me"
  • "Let's Go to Bed"
  • "Six Different Ways"
  • "Three Imaginary Boys"
  • "Boys Don't Cry"
  • "Faith"
  • "Give Me It"
  • "10:15 Saturday Night"
  • "Killing an Arab"
  • "Sweet Talking Guy" (Performed by The Chiffons over credits.)

Critical reception[edit]

Time Out London described it as "An astonishingly lavish production number for one of the world's less dynamic live bands, rendered noteworthy by its setting against the magnificent backdrop of an ancient amphitheatre [...] for Cure fans this is as perfect and cinematographically compelling a record of a gig as could be asked for. For the rest of us, it's a bit of a yawn."[4] AllMusic Gave This Video 4 Stars Of 5 saying: "the mixing and recording of the show is pristine and would have made an excellent live album...With performance highlights including fantastic versions of "Primary," "A Night Like This," "A Forest," and "Faith," Orange is ample testimony to both the Cure's excellence and Pope's ability to showcase them at their best."


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