The Curse of El Charro

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The Curse of El Charro
Directed by Rich Ragsdale
Produced by Kevin Ragsdale
Ryan R.Johnson
Andrew Bryniarski
Written by Ryan R. Johnson
Starring Danny Trejo
Drew Mia
Andrew Bryniarski
Kathryn Taylor
Heidi Androl
KellyDawn Malloy
Music by Rich Ragsdale
Cinematography Jacques Haitkin
Edited by Michael Amundsen
Distributed by Paramount Home Video
American World Pictures
GoDigital Media Group
Millenium Storm
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $200,000

The Curse of El Charro is a 2005 horror film starring Danny Trejo. The Curse of El Charro was released on DVD by Paramount Home Video in 2006.


The film opens in 19th century Mexico, where El Charro (Andrew Bryniarski) acts as a wealthy, but diabolical land baron who falls madly in love with a sweet, innocent ancestor of the protagonist Maria. She scorns him, which prompts El Charro to kill everyone she cares about. However, Maria's ancestor still refuses El Charro, who decides to put a curse on Maria's family line. Many years after, we are brought to the present day 21st century, where we are introduced to Maria (Drew Mia) and her friend Chris (Heidi Androl), who are roommates in college. It is a Friday or so, and Maria, who we learn is suffering from repeating nightmares of her sister's suicide, is coerced to go with Chris, and her friends, Tanya (Kathryn Taylor) and Rosemary (KellyDawn Malloy) to Chris' uncle's Arizona cottage for the weekend. However upon reaching Arizona, the group is persistently attacked by El Charro in the form of revant spirit with a machete. Eventually, El Charro kills every one of the girls except for Maria, who races toward a shrine of the archangel Michael (James Intveld). Using his heavenly abilities, Michael kills El Charro, and the curse is thus destroyed as well.


Actor Role
Andrew Bryniarski El Charro
Danny Trejo Voice of El Charro
Andrew Mia Maria
Kathryn Taylor Tanya
Heidi Androl Christina
KellyDawn Malloy Rosemary
Scott Greenall as Himself
James Intveld Archangel Michael


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