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The DC Comics Super Hero Collection was a fortnightly magazine collection, by Eaglemoss Publications, and DC Comics, launched on the 15th, March 2008, in the United Kingdom. The series was inspired by the success of The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, also published by Eaglemoss. Each issue featured a hand painted, lead figure of a character from DC comic books, as well as an informational magazine, about the character. The collection consisted of two regular issues a month; with a special issue released every two months, to accommodate the larger characters in the DC Universe. The series also spawned a sub-series called "The Blackest Night/Brightest Day" collection, featuring characters from the various lantern corps from the DC Universe.

The magazine series officially ended with 120 issues in the main series, nineteen specials, and sixteen issues in The Blackest Night/Brightest Day sub series.

Regular Issues[edit]

All issues are listed in the order of release from the website.

Special Issues[edit]

These are the specials that have been released so far.

Blackest Night/Brightest Day[edit]

In January 2011, Eaglemoss started releasing a subset based on the acclaimed Blackest Night and Brightest Day storylines. The size and base of the figurines is the same as the regular figurines while the DC Comics logo on the base is replaced by the various Corps logos.


The DC Super-Hero Figurine Collection won the "Magazine of the Year" award in the Diamond Gem Award 2009, 2010 & 2011.[1]

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