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The Daily Observer is a newspaper published in Bakau in Banjul, the Gambia.[1]

The paper, Gambia's first daily newspaper,[2] was founded by Kenneth Best in 1990.[citation needed] Best had previously managed another paper called the Daily Observer in Liberia, until the First Liberian Civil War caused him to relocate with his family to the Gambia.[2] In October 1994, following Yahya Jammeh's military coup, Best was expelled from Gambia,[3] although the newspaper was allowed to continue.

Ebrima Manneh case[edit]

In July 2006, Observer reporter Ebrima Manneh was reportedly arrested by state security after attempting to republish a BBC report criticizing Jammeh shortly before an African Union meeting in Banjul;[4] his arrest was witnessed by coworkers.[4] Though ordered to release Manneh by an Economic Community Of West African States court, the Gambian government has denied that Manneh is imprisoned.[5] According to AFP, an unnamed police source confirmed Manneh's arrest in April 2009, but added he believed Manneh "is no longer alive."[5] Amnesty International considers Manneh to be a prisoner of conscience and named him a 2011 "priority case."[6] The Committee to Protect Journalists has also called for his release.[4]


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