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The Daily Wire
TypeNews and opinion website
Owner(s)Forward Publishing LLC
Founder(s)Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing
Editor-in-chiefBen Shapiro
Managing editorsMichael J. Knowles
LaunchedSeptember 21, 2015
Political alignmentConservatism
HeadquartersSherman Oaks, Los Angeles
CountryUnited States
WebsiteThe Daily Wire
Type of site
News and opinion
Alexa rankPositive decrease 2,700 (as of December 2018)[1]
Current statusActive

The Daily Wire is an American conservative news and opinion website founded in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro.[2] He currently serves as editor-in-chief,[3][4] Michael Knowles is managing editor, and Jeremy Boreing is Chief Operating Officer. The website's office is in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County, California.[5]


The Daily Wire was conceived by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing, who both worked for TruthRevolt, a news website that was formerly funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.[6] After the duo secured several million dollars in seed funding from Dan and Farris Wilks, The Daily Wire was launched in 2015, with several former TruthRevolt employees on staff.[6][7]


In addition to its written content, the site produces The Ben Shapiro Show, The Michael Knowles Show, The Matt Walsh Show, and The Andrew Klavan Show.[8] The Ben Shapiro Show webcast predates The Daily Wire.[9][10]

In 2018, after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting the website announced that it would no longer use the face or names of mass shooters when covering shootings.[11][12]

Incorrect stories

According to Snopes, " has a tendency to share stories that are taken out of context or not verified."[13] Among the falsehoods published on The Daily Wire include protesters digging up Confederate graves, Democratic congresspeople refusing to stand for a fallen Navy SEAL's widow, and Harvard University holding segregated commencement ceremonies.[13]

FactCheck.Org found that The Daily Wire was the source of a false story which credited Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson with finding over $500 billion in accounting errors made by the Obama administration. found that the errors were discovered and published by HUD's independent inspector general before Carson became secretary.[14] The Daily Wire published an update to the story, reflecting similar criticisms from Snopes.

The Daily Wire has published a number of articles doubting that climate change is occurring and that humans contribute to climate change. Climate scientists have described the articles as inaccurate and misleading.[15][16][17]

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