The Dance (Fleetwood Mac album)

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The Dance
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance.jpg
Live album by Fleetwood Mac
Released 19 August 1997
Recorded Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California; 23 May 1997
Genre Rock
Length 79:11
Label Reprise
Producer Lindsey Buckingham and Elliot Scheiner
Fleetwood Mac chronology
The Dance
Say You Will

The Dance is a live performance by Fleetwood Mac, released on Cassette, CD and VHS in 1997, and later on DVD. It hailed the return of the band's most successful line-up of Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, John McVie and Stevie Nicks, who had not released an album together since 1987's Tango in the Night exactly a decade earlier. It was the first Fleetwood Mac release to top the US album charts since 1982's Mirage.


This was the last Fleetwood Mac album to feature Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac has announced a new album featuring Christine to be recorded in 2015), who departed the group a year after the album's release. Debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 199,000, The Dance became the fifth best-selling live album of all time in the United States, selling a million copies within eight weeks, spending more than seven months within the top 40, and eventually selling over 6,000,000 copies worldwide. The DVD version has been certified 9x platinum in Australia for selling 135,000 copies. The 44 date tour grossed $36 million.

The concert was recorded for Fleetwood Mac's MTV The Dance special at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California on 23 May 1997, and features the University of Southern California Marching Band who perform on the tracks "Tusk" (having played on the original studio recording) and "Don't Stop".

Although predominantly a live greatest hits package, The Dance also features new material written by each of the primary songwriting members of the band (two from Buckingham) as well as popular album tracks. For example, "Bleed to Love Her" was a previously unreleased track when this album was released, although a studio recording of the song was later included on the Say You Will album. No tracks from the Mirage album were included on the CD, although "Gypsy" is included in the video and DVD versions.

The album cover, taken by David LaChapelle, has Mick Fleetwood recreating his pose from the cover of Rumours, the band's most successful album and Lindsey Buckingham holding the cane used on the cover of the Fleetwood Mac album, Rumours' predecessor.

This album spawned three singles; "Landslide", "The Chain" and "Silver Springs", and earned the band 3 Grammy nominations in 1998, in the categories "Best Pop Album", "Best Rock Performance by a Group or Duo" for "The Chain" and "Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo" for "Silver Springs".

CD track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Chain"   John McVie, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham  
2. "Dreams"   Stevie Nicks  
3. "Everywhere"   Christine McVie  
4. "Rhiannon"   Stevie Nicks  
5. "I'm So Afraid"   Lindsey Buckingham  
6. "Temporary One"   Christine McVie  
7. "Bleed To Love Her"   Lindsey Buckingham  
8. "Big Love"   Lindsey Buckingham  
9. "Landslide"   Stevie Nicks  
10. "Say You Love Me"   Christine McVie  
11. "My Little Demon"   Lindsey Buckingham  
12. "Silver Springs"   Stevie Nicks  
13. "You Make Loving Fun"   Christine McVie  
14. "Sweet Girl"   Stevie Nicks  
15. "Go Your Own Way"   Lindsey Buckingham  
16. "Tusk"   Lindsey Buckingham  
17. "Don't Stop"   Christine McVie  

DVD / Video track listing[edit]

The DVD video in 1.33:1 aspect ratio, audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM stereo

  1. "The Chain" (Buckingham, Fleetwood, C. McVie, J. McVie, Nicks)
  2. "Dreams" (Nicks)
  3. "Everywhere" (C. McVie)
  4. "Gold Dust Woman" (Nicks) * ***
  5. "I'm So Afraid" (Buckingham)**
  6. "Temporary One" (C. McVie)
  7. "Bleed to Love Her" (Buckingham)
  8. "Gypsy" (Nicks) * ***
  9. "Big Love" (Buckingham) **
  10. "Go Insane" (Buckingham) * ** ***
  11. "Landslide" (Nicks)
  12. "Say You Love Me" (C. McVie)
  13. "You Make Loving Fun" (C. McVie)
  14. "My Little Demon" (Buckingham)
  15. "Silver Springs" (Nicks) ***
  16. "Over My Head" (C. McVie) * ***
  17. "Rhiannon" (Nicks)
  18. "Sweet Girl" (Nicks)
  19. "Go Your Own Way" (Buckingham) ***
  20. "Tusk" (Buckingham)
  21. "Don't Stop" (C. McVie)
  22. "Songbird" (C. McVie) * ***

* Exclusive to the VHS/DVD version

** Later released on the 2CD USA version of The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

*** Live version released as a B-Side of a single


Fleetwood Mac

Additional personnel

  • Brett Tuggle – keyboards, guitar, background vocals
  • Neale Heywood – guitar, background vocals
  • Lenny Castro – percussion
  • Sharon Celani – background vocals
  • Mindy Stein – background vocals
  • USC. Trojan Marching Band, Dr. Arthur C. Bartner – Director

CD production[edit]

  • Producers: Lindsey Buckingham, Elliot Scheiner
  • Engineers: Guy Charbonneau, Barry Goldberg, Elliot Scheiner
  • Assistant Engineers: Charlie Bouis, John Nelson
  • Mastering: Ted Jensen
  • Mixing: Elliot Scheiner
  • Technical assistance: Ted Barela, David Gallo, Eric Johnston
  • Digital editing: Paul DeCarli, Scott Humphrey
  • Photography: David LaChapelle, Neal Preston

Video production[edit]

  • Producers: Lindsey Buckingham, Elliot Scheiner
  • Director: Bruce Gower
  • Photography: David LaChapelle, Neal Preston
  • Recording: Barry Goldberg, Elliot Scheiner
  • Mixing: Elliot Scheiner
  • Director, USC Marching Band: Dr. Arthur C. Bartner


Chart (1997) Peak
US Billboard 200 1
UK Albums Chart 15
Canadian Albums Chart 19
Australian Music Sales Chart 4
German Albums Chart 20
Dutch Album Charts 4
NZ Albums 12
Year Single Chart Position
1997 "The Chain" Mainstream Rock Tracks 30
1998 "Landslide" Adult Contemporary 10
1998 "Landslide" Adult Top 40 26
1998 "Landslide" Billboard Hot 100 51



Preceded by
No Way Out by Puff Daddy
Billboard 200 number-one album
6–12 September 1997
Succeeded by
No Way Out by Puff Daddy