The Danish Experience

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The Danish Experience
The Danish Experience (2003).jpg
Directed by Ali Idris
Written by Youssef Maaty
Starring Adel Emam
Nicole Saba
Release date
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

The Danish Experience (or A Danish Experience/Experiment) (Al-Tagroba Al-Danemarkeya or El tagrubah el danemarkiyyah) (Arabic: التجربة الدنماركية) is a popular 2003 Egyptian comedy film starring Adel Emam and Nicole Saba.


Adel Imam stars as Qadri, a widower and newly appointed government minister, whose four grown sons live with him. In her first acting gig, Lebanese singer Nicole Saba plays the buxom-blonde role of Danish student Aneta Henry Gothenburg, visiting Egypt for the first time to pursue her studies. She stays with Qadri and his family. Highlighting cultural differences in comedic fashion (among other things, free-spirited Aneta tries to teach Qadri's sons about sex, and intrudes on a government meeting dressed as a bellydancer), Qadri eventually falls for Aneta, but so do his sons. After a blowup, he finally chooses to stay with his sons.


In January 2004, Asharq Al-Awsat reported that the film was the second-highest grossing Egyptian film of 2003, with revenue exceeding L.E. 13 million, not counting foreign distribution.[1] The film was considered to be an "enormous success."[2][3][4] It was also the highest grossing film in Lebanon for the year.[5]

The scanty clothing and sexually-open nature of Saba's character in an Arabic language film caused some criticism.[6] Saba noted that the film shows the differences in two cultures, and "the entire film was daring, but at the same time respectful."[2][6]



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