The Danube Pilot

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Cover illustration of the novel.

The Danube Pilot (French: Le Pilote du Danube) is a novel by Jules Verne.

It was first published in 1908, three years after his death, and like most of the books published posthumously, had been extensively revised by his son, Michel. Part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series, it recounts the adventures of the lead character, a prize winner in the 'Danubian League of Amateur Fishermen' Serge Ladko, as he travels down the river. Jules' original title for this story was "Le Beau Danube Jaune". The original novel was published by Jules Verne Society (Société Jules Verne) in 1988.[1]


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  • Title: The Danube Pilot
  • The Fitzroy edition of Jules Verne
  • Author: Jules Verne
  • Editor: Associated Booksellers, 1970
  • 190 pages