The Dark Secret of Harvest Home

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The Dark Secret of Harvest Home is a television thriller miniseries, produced by Universal TV and directed by Leo Penn, that aired January 23–24, 1978 on NBC.[1] The screenplay was based on the 1973 novel Harvest Home by Tom Tryon.



The miniseries was shown on TNT in 1992, in two parts. This two-parter was the full 3-hour, 48-minute version.

It was later broadcast in a slightly truncated version, running just about 3 hours, on the Sci-Fi Channel at some point in the mid-1990s. Many bootleg copies are taken from this source.

The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home has been released on video; this version is more heavily edited, running only 2 hours long.

The chapters to this series are:

  • Part 1: Ploughing Day, Planting Day, Agnes Fair, Choosing The Young Lord, The Day Of Seasoning
  • Part 2: Tithing Day, Sheaving Tide, Husking Bee, Corn Play, Kindling Night, Harvest Home


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