The Dark Side (Gregorian album)

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Gregorian - The Dark Side
Gregorian - The Dark Side.jpg
Studio album by Gregorian
Released November 15, 2004
Recorded Nemo Studio
Genre Gregorian chant
Dark ambient
Label Edel America Records
Gregorian chronology
Masters of Chant Chapter IV
Gregorian - The Dark Side
Masters of Chant Chapter V

The Dark Side is Gregorian's sixth album, released between Masters of Chant Chapter IV and Masters of Chant Chapter V. Technically, it was followed by The Masterpieces, however, The Masterpieces is only a collection of previously released songs.

In some areas, the limited edition of The Dark Side was released as Masters of Chant Chapter V leading to some confusion when that title was used for the subsequent album.

Track listing[edit]

Standard Edition[edit]

  1. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
  2. My Immortal (Evanescence)
  3. The Four Horsemen (Aphrodite's Child)
  4. Unbeliever
  5. Where the Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Kylie Minogue)
  6. Close My Eyes Forever (Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne)
  7. More (The Sisters of Mercy)
  8. Uninvited (Alanis Morissette)
  9. The Raven (The Alan Parsons Project)
  10. Gregorian Anthem
  11. Ave Satani (The Omen) (Jerry Goldsmith)
  12. The End (The Doors)
  13. In the Shadows (The Rasmus)

Limited Edition[edit]

On the Limited Edition, the song Engel (Rammstein) is between the tracks Gregorian Anthem and Ave Satani (The Omen), making it the eleventh track.

Special Rock Edition[edit]

The 'Special Rock Edition' featured ten tracks. The differences from the standard edition are the omission of "Where the Wild Roses Grow", "Uninvited" and "The End" as well as the length of the existing tracks; they are shorter. This edition also includes an extended version of "Nothing Else Matters", from Gregorian's first Masters of Chant album.

  1. "Ave Satani (The Omen)"
  2. "Hurt"
  3. "My Immortal"
  4. "The Four Horsemen"
  5. "Unbeliever"
  6. "More"
  7. "Close My Eyes Forever"
  8. "Gregorian Anthem"
  9. "The Raven"
  10. "Nothing Else Matters" (bonus track) (Metallica)