The Darkness Beckons

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The Darkness Beckons
AuthorMartyn Farr
Subjectcave diving
PublisherDiadem Books
Publication date
796.5/25 20
LC ClassGV200.63 .F37 1991

The Darkness Beckons (ISBN 0-939748-32-0) is the definitive book on the history of UK cave diving.

It was written by Martyn Farr, a major figure in UK diving at a time when many of the original participants were still alive and available for interview.


On 10 May 2018 Martyn Farr was advised that the 3rd edition of 'The Darkness Beckons' (published 3 July 2017) had been shortlisted for the 2018 Sports Book Awards in the Illustrated Book of the Year category.[1]

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