The Day Christ Died

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The Day Christ Died
The Day Christ Died.jpg
Genre Drama
Written by Edward Anhalt
James Lee Barrett
Directed by James Cellan Jones
Music by Laurence Rosenthal
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Martin Manulis
Ted Butcher (associate producer)
Location(s) Tunisia
Cinematography Franco Di Giacomo
Editor(s) Barry Peters
Running time 142 min.
Production company(s) 20th Century Fox Television
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release March 26, 1980

The Day Christ Died is a 1980 American TV movie directed by James Cellan Jones. The collaborative production by 20th Century Fox and CBS-TV dramatizes the last 24 hours of Jesus Christ's life and is based on Jim Bishop's 1957 book of the same name.[1] Bishop, who did not accept the script adaptation, had his name removed from the credits, called the film "cheap revisionist history", and even tried unsuccessfully to change the film's title.[2] The Day Christ Died was filmed in Tunisia, at a cost of USD$2.8 million.[3] It was broadcast by CBS-TV on Wednesday, March 26, 1980.[4]



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