The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg

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The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg
Flaminglips holeinthejesusegg.jpg
Compilation album by The Flaming Lips
Released October 1, 2002
Recorded 1989–1991
Genre Alternative rock
Length 139:46
Label Restless
Producer The Flaming Lips, Dave Fridmann
The Flaming Lips compilation chronology
Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid
The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg
Shambolic Birth and Early Life Of
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

The Day They Shot a Hole in the Jesus Egg (subtitled The Priest Driven Ambulance Album, Demos, and Outtakes, 1989-1991) is a 2xCD compilation of material by The Flaming Lips released by Restless Records in late 2002. It is the second of two reissues compiling the band's work with the record label, and follows Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid.

The first disc contains the album In a Priest Driven Ambulance, followed by related b-sides from that era. The second disc contains a much-bootlegged series of demos called The Mushroom Tapes, featuring early versions and alternate mixes of Ambulance tracks.

The first disc of this set was released on vinyl as a limited-edition, pink-colored two-record set under the title of In a Priest Driven Ambulance.

The compilation is named after a line from the Flaming Lips song "Five Stop Mother Superior Rain". It also includes new liner notes from band frontman Wayne Coyne.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

In a Priest Driven Ambulance
No. Title Length
1. "Shine On Sweet Jesus - Jesus Song No.5" 4:27
2. "Unconsciously Screamin'" 3:52
3. "Rainin' Babies" 4:28
4. "Take Meta Mars" 3:13
5. "Five Stop Mother Superior Rain" 6:19
6. "Stand In Line" 4:36
7. "God Walks Among Us Now - Jesus Song No.6" 4:53
8. "There You Are - Jesus Song No.7" 4:31
9. "Mountain Side" 6:36
10. "(What A) Wonderful World" 3:41

Disc two[edit]

The Mushroom Tapes
No. Title Length
1. "Take Meta Mars" 2:45
2. "Mountain Side" 3:14
3. "There You Are - Jesus Song No.7" 3:41
4. "Five Stop Mother Superior Rain" 3:05
5. "Rainin' Babies" 2:30
6. "Unconsciously Screamin'" 3:18
7. "Stand In Line" 4:13
8. "God's a Wheeler Dealer" 2:43
9. "Agonizing" 3:26
10. "One Shot" 2:52
11. "Cold Day" 2:44
12. "Jam" 1:07