The Day Time Ended

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The Day Time Ended
Directed by John Cardos
Produced by Charles Band
Paul Gentry
Steve Neill
Wayne Schmidt
Written by J. Larry Carroll
Steve Neill
Wayne Schmidt
David Schmoeller
Starring Jim Davis
Dorothy Malone
Christopher Mitchum
Scott Kolden
Narrated by Jim Davis
Music by Richard Band
Cinematography John Arthur Morrill
Edited by Ted Nicolaou
Distributed by Compass International Pictures
Release date
  • November 1980 (1980-11)
Running time
79 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $600,000 (est.)

The Day Time Ended is a 1980 independent science fiction film. The film starred Jim Davis, Christopher Mitchum and Dorothy Malone and was directed by John 'Bud' Cardos. It was nominated for the Saturn Award for best supporting actress, Marcy Lafferty.

The film was originally titled Earth's Final Fury; this was changed to Vortex, which was considered more likely to sell tickets. The final title became The Day Time Ended for unknown reasons. The film is 80 minutes long.


A small family relocates to the Sonoran Desert, to be closer to the grandparents of the family. Though there are news reports of a spectacular triple supernova, and the young granddaughter has seen a glowing alien construction behind the barn, the family is at ease until, one night, a UFO soars overhead and appears to land in the nearby hills. Apparently, the triple supernova has opened a rift in space and time. The family finds that their electrical appliances no longer function, and the youngest daughter of the family has a telepathic encounter with an extraterrestrial. The grandmother, too, sees one of these diminutive creatures beckoning to her, but it soon vanishes.

The grandfather, while trying to start the car, sees that a strange animal is approaching from the distance. The grandfather goes back inside and informs the family that something is coming; before long, a variety of horrific, alien monsters (all of these creatures being of a reptilian or amphibious nature) are proceeding to slaughter each other outside the house; some are trying to break in (after knocking) and kill the family. After a few moments, the UFO appears again and teleports the creatures to a different place. The family take this opportunity to escape to the barn, which is more easily defensible than the house. The family become separated from one another and each hides until sunrise, where they find that they have been launched thousands of years into the future. They meet up with the daughter, who had become separated from the family during one of the time-warp events. She knows, somehow, that everything is going to be fine now. After walking across the desert, they finally see a domed city in the distance, and decide to seek refuge there. The grandfather proclaims that there must be a purpose to all of this. The family walks off into the distance, having survived the day time ended.





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