The Day a Pig Fell into the Well

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The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well
The Day the Pig Fell Into the Well movie poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised Romanization Daijiga umule pajinnal
McCune–Reischauer Twaeji ka umul e ppajin nal
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Written by Kyo Hyo-seo
Starring Kim Eui-sung
Lee Eung-kyung
Jo Eun-sook
Park Jin-song
Bang Eun-hee
Music by Ok Kil-sung
Cinematography Cho Dong-kwan
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Release date
  • 15 May 1996 (1996-05-15)
Running time
115 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well (돼지가 우물에 빠진 날, Dwaejiga umul-e ppajin nal) is a 1996 Korean drama film and the directorial debut of Hong Sang-soo. It stars Bang Eun-hee, Jo Eun-sook, Park Jin-song, Lee Eung-kyung and Kim Eui-sung. It was also the feature film debut of Song Kang-ho. The title derives from a 1954 book by John Cheever.

Hong earned the Best Director award at the Korean Blue Dragon Film Awards for his work as well as awards at Rotterdam and Vancouver.


Tong-u, a plain married man in his thirties, visits Chŏnju (4 hour bus ride from Seoul) on a business trip. After endless incidents of waiting, his purpose continually frustrated, he has to spend the night in this strange place and has a disengaging encounter with a prostitute which however leaves him with 'consequences' due to a ruptured condom.


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