The Day of the Djinn Warriors

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The Day of the Djinn Warriors
Author P.B. Kerr
Cover artist Petar Meseldzija
Elizabeth B. Parasi (design)
Country United States
Language English
Series Children of the Lamp
Genre Fantasy
Published 2007 Orchard Books
Pages 373 pg
ISBN 978-0-439-67024--1
Preceded by The Cobra King of Kathmandu
Followed by The Eye of the Forest

The Day of the Djinn Warriors is the fourth installment of the Children of the Lamp series. The author, Philip Kerr, has said on his website that he is planning to write a total of six books although he hasn't decided what the titles of the remaining books will be.

Plot summary[edit]

Djinn twins, John and Philippa Gaunt, are off on another trip around the world in book four of the bestselling Children of the Lamp series. It's a race against time as the twins attempt to save their mother, Layla Gaunt from her destiny of being Blue Djinn of Babylon, save their father, Edward Gaunt, from an aging curse brought from a binding their mother Layla put on their father to make sure the twins were home with him, and museums worldwide from unexplained robberies and bizarre hauntings.

As John and Philippa and their friends travel across the globe on their rescue mission, they notice that something very strange is happening: An evil force has woken the terracotta warriors created by an ancient Chinese emperor, and a spell has been cast possessing the soldiers with wicked spirits. Now, the very fate of the world hangs in the balance. It's up to the twins to solve the mysterious robberies, stop the terracotta warriors, rescue their parents, and save the world before it's too late.


Title Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
Problem/ Antagonist Iblis Teer Ayesha, Iravotum Nine Cobras Cult, Iblis Teer Iblis Teer, Rudyard Teer, Dong xi,
Main Setting Egypt, England Iravotum, Iraq India, Nepal Venice, China