The Day the Earth Stood Still (soundtrack)

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The Day the Earth Stood Still
Film score by Bernard Herrmann
RecordedAugust, 1951
GenreSoundtracks, Film score
Label20th Century Fox
ProducerNick Redman
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

The Day the Earth Stood Still soundtrack (1951) was composed in July, and recorded in August 1951.[2] It was Bernard Herrmann's first soundtrack after he moved from New York to Hollywood. Herrmann chose unusual instrumentation for the film including violin, cello, and bass (all three electric), two theremin electronic instruments (played by Samuel Hoffman and Paul Shure), two Hammond organs, a large studio electric organ, three vibraphones, two glockenspiels, two pianos, two harps, three trumpets, three trombones, and four tubas.[3] Unusual overdubbing and tape-reversal techniques were used, as well. 20th Century Fox later reused the Herrmann title theme in the original pilot episode for Irwin Allen's 1965 TV series Lost in Space. Danny Elfman noted The Day the Earth Stood Still's score inspired his interest in film composing, and made him a fan of Herrmann.[4]

Track listing
1."Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare"0:12
2."Prelude / Outer Space/Radar"3:45
5."Gort / The Visor / The Telescope"2:23
7."Solar Diamonds" (not used in film)1:04
9."Lincoln Memorial"1:27
10."Nocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space Control"5:58
11."The Elevator / Magnetic Pull / The Study / The Conference / The Jewelry Store"4:32
13."The Glowing / Alone / Gort's Rage / Nikto / The Captive / Terror"5:11
14."The Prison"1:42

Remake soundtrack[edit]

Day the Earth Stood Still
Film score by Tyler Bates
ReleasedDecember 16, 2008 (2008-12-16)
LabelVarèse Sarabande

Tyler Bates was brought in to compose the score for 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still after Derrickson heard his work on The Devil's Rejects and Slither. Bates decided that instead of imitating the original score by Bernard Herrmann he would try and convey the message of the new film, which was different, and assumed that most people would not even realize it was a remake. He said:[citation needed]

The origins for the sound on the new score came from Bates attending the filming of a few scenes with Reeves and Smith. When he got back to L.A. he created a loop on his GuitarViol to which Derrickson responded "I think that’s the score!" when it was played for him.[5] Taking just a piece of the original score, Bates utilized the theremin, which Herrmann heavily used for the original film. Bates and the theremin player he hired used the instrument in a manner reminiscent of a sound effect, especially during Klaatu's surgery.[6]

Track listing
2."Mountain Climber"2:41
3."National Security"2:47
4."This Is Not an Exercise"0:52
5."Do You Feel That?"2:00
6."Military Approach"1:07
10."You Should Let Me Go"2:24
11."A Friend to the Earth"1:55
12."Fighter Drones"1:23
13."Came to Save the Earth"0:45
14."I'm Staying"1:10
15."Helen Drives"0:44
16."Containing G.O.R.T"0:44
17."The Day the Earth Stood Still"2:41
18."They're Not Afraid of Us"1:20
19."Flash Chamber"0:54
20."Helicopter Collision"5:14
21."See My Son"2:11
24."Wrong Place Wrong Time"0:55
25."Aphid Reign"4:17
26."Power Down"0:56
27."He's Leaving"1:50
28."The Beginning"1:11


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