The Day the World Ended

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The Day the World Ended
DVD cover of the movie The Day the World Ended.jpg
DVD cover
Screenplay by Max Enscoe
Annie deYoung
Story by Brian King
Directed by Terence Gross
Starring Nastassja Kinski
Randy Quaid
Bobby Edner
Theme music composer Charles Bernstein
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Lou Arkoff
Colleen Camp
Stan Winston
Cinematography Mark Vargo
Editor(s) Stephen Mark
Running time 91 minutes
Production company(s) Creature Features Productions
Distributor Columbia TriStar Television
Original network Cinemax
Original release
  • November 23, 2001 (2001-11-23)

The Day the World Ended is a 2001 American science fiction/horror television film and is the fourth in the Creature Features series broadcast on Cinemax. It stars Nastassja Kinski, Randy Quaid, and Bobby Edner.

While not being a direct remake of the 1955 film with a similar title (Day the World Ended), it utilizes the original film by showing segments on a TV seen within the story and showing that the VHS video box cover as part of the child's interest in aliens. Some scenes were filmed in Wrightwood, California.


This film finds an alien, who is misunderstood, bent on hunting down and devouring people. A school psychologist, Dr Jennifer Stillman (Nastassja Kinski) investigates the death of a student's mother and finds that the boy (Bobby Edner) believes he is the son of the being. His earthling father (Randy Quaid) is also a doctor, who has the boy in his care and holds that it is all in the boy's imagination.





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