The Days of Being Dumb

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The Days of Being Dumb
Traditional 亞飛與亞基
Simplified 亚飞与亚基
Mandarin Yǎ Fēi Yú Yǎ Jī
Cantonese Ngaa3 Fei1 Jyu2 Ngaa3 Gei1
Directed by Blackie Ko
Produced by Peter Chan
Written by Joe Ma
James Yuen
Cheung Chi-sing
Starring Tony Leung
Jacky Cheung
Eric Tsang
Kent Tong
Anita Yuen
Music by Richard Lo
Cinematography Jingle Ma
Andrew Lau
Tony Miu
Edited by Chan Kei-hop
United Filmmakers Organisation
Movie Impact
Distributed by Newport Entertainment
Release date
  • 6 August 1992 (1992-08-06)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$9,883,635

The Days of Being Dumb is a 1992 Hong Kong comedy film produced by Peter Chan, directed by Blackie Ko and starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang (who also serves as the film's presenter), Kent Tong and actress Anita Yuen in her debut role. This film is a parody of the 1991 film, Days of Being Wild, which also starred Leung and Cheung.


Fred and Keith were childhood friends who dreamed of being triad members. As their became adults, they have achieved the dream and joined many gangs. However, after all the boss dies, the two were considered as jinxes by people and no gangs want to take them in. The two then depend on themselves to do business and got a prostitute from Singapore, Jane. Jane, however, believed she was supposed to be model and the two of them did not have courage to put her to work. Jane is also later found out to be a lesbian. Later, famous triad leader Kwan comes and takes Fred and Keith in to prove to people that he is invulnerable to their jinx. Under Kwan, these two manage to become triad heroes. However, later thing go wrong and Kwan is turned against the two and they must strike back to protect themselves.


  • Tony Leung as Fred Tung
  • Jacky Cheung as Keith
  • Eric Tsang as Ball
  • Kent Tong as Kwan
  • Anita Yuen as Jane
  • Jamie Luk as Slim
  • Yeung Wan-king as hoodlum tenant
  • Chu Tau as hoodlum tenant
  • Cheng Tai-kim as hoodlum tenant
  • Tania Wong as Lisa
  • Chan Chi-fai as Piggy
  • Wong Hung as Brother Nine
  • Glen Chin as General Lee
  • Tam Wai as Iron
  • Lam Chung as gangster (uncredited cameo)
  • Billy Ching as Gold Teeth Shing
  • Chun Kwai-po as Teeth's gangster
  • Cheung Ying-wa as car jockey
  • Wan Kung-wai as car jockey
  • Chan Leung-shun as car jockey
  • Ben Luk as Mr. Lau
  • Leung Kei-hei as Keith's dad
  • Wan Seung-yin as Keith's 2nd aunt
  • Lee Chi-hang as young Keith
  • William Chu as young Fred
  • Simon Cheung as policeman in theatre
  • Yeung Kei-sing as policeman in theatre
  • Garry Chan as Big Mouth Cheong
  • Sam Dang as Kwan's thug
  • Ng Piu-chuen as Kwan's thug
  • Mike Lau as Kwan's thug
  • Chang Yuk-chuen as Kwan's thug
  • Au Chiu-hang as Kwan's thug
  • Ng Yuk-sau as Kwan's thug
  • Wong Ying-kit as Little Kit
  • Fung Yuen-chi as Lau Pei
  • Tsui Kai-wah as long hair passerby
  • Szeto Bobby as rascal
  • So Chung as rascal
  • Cheung Sam-po as rascal
  • Or Wai-man as female TV reporter
  • Sam Kin-sang as policeman
  • To Kwan-pang as hawker
  • Tse Chi-wah as watermelon hawker
  • Wong Yun-ching as fat boy student
  • Four Tse as funeral attendee
  • Leung Kai-chi as Pei's gangster
  • Ho Chi-moon as Kwan's gangster in theatre
  • Kent Chow

Box office[edit]

This film grossed HK$9,883,635 during its theatrical run from 6 August to 26 August 1992 in Hong Kong.


Ceremony Category Recipient Outcome
12th Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer Anita Yuen Won

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