The Death Curse

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The Death Curse (古宅心慌慌) (2003) is a comedy/horror movie. It was directed by Soi Cheang Pou-Soi and produced by Amy Tsui. Its popularity was due primarily to its cast which contained several members of Hong Kong bands.


  • Steven Cheung plays the part of Ben Ting, the youngest of eight—the best looking one. Ben's personality is a nice guy, who always try to make things better. He will help whenever there's need.
  • Gillian Chung plays the part of Linda Ting, the sixth sibling of eight. Her part is to be cautious, calm, and more protective.
  • Kenny Kwan plays the part of Jerry Ting, the fifth sibling, who unknowingly used to date his younger sister Nancy. Jerry's part was to be played cool and serious.
  • Raymond Wong Ho-Yin plays the part of Nick Ting, the fourth sibling. Nick is a gangster who always tries to be tough. Although he shows his harded-self on the outside, in the inside he really has heart.
  • Charlene Choi plays the part of Nancy Ting the seventh sibling, who's bitchy and petulant, and even grifts money from Keith, a pathetic guy who blatantly adores her.

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