The Deep: Here Be Dragons

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The Deep: Here Be Dragons
The Deep Here Be Dragons.jpg
DateAugust 2011
Page count88 pages
PublisherGestalt Comics
Creative team
WritersTom Taylor
ArtistsJames Brouwer

The Deep: Here Be Dragons is an original graphic novel from Gestalt Publishing[1] written by award-winning writer Tom Taylor (Injustice Gods Among Us, Superior Iron Man, Star Wars: Adventures, Star Wars: Invasion, The Authority, The Example) and illustrated by James Brouwer, which tells the tales of the Nekton family – A multiethnic family of Aquanauts who live on a submarine. The all-ages graphic novel won the Aurealis Award, Australia's premier speculative fiction literary award, for Best illustrated book/graphic novel in 2012 and was also nominated for Best children’s illustrated work/picture book.


The Deep: Here be Dragons is an original Graphic Novel in which we meet the Nekton family, a family who have been exploring the seas for generations. Here Be Dragons sees the Nekton family aboard their state-of-the-art submarine, The Arronax, following strange reports of monster sightings all the way to Greenland. What they discover in those dark depths may change their perceptions of the ocean forever…


The Nekton family are notable for their multicultural makeup; the family is composed of a black father, an Asian mother, and their two children. When asked about the make-up of the protagonists in an interview for MTV Geek, writer Tom Taylor had this to say, "The world is a diverse place and not every family of heroes looks like The Incredibles. We haven't made a big deal of this in The Deep. We simply wanted a unique cast of heroes who aren't from anywhere. Their ethnicity and countries of origin aren't talked about or pointed out in the book at all. The sea is huge and covers the globe, and so do the Nekton family."[2]

Television series[edit]

In 2015, an animated series premiered on 7TWO and Family Chrgd and produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment, DHX Media and A Stark Production. Two series has aired, with a third in production.


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