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The Deli Magazine
Producer Paolo De Gregorio
Categories Music magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Independent/DIY
Founder Charles Newman
First issue 2004
Company Independent/DIY
Country United States
Language English

The Deli is an independently owned music magazine and online website/blog started by Paolo De Gregorio in 2004. The project is based out of Brooklyn, New York and currently covers multiples cities and multiples musical genres.

History and function[edit]

The Deli began in 2004 as a continuation of a previous local fanzine. It covers in print independent bands and artists relevant to the different areas and scenes. Although bands that have been featured in the past when they were independent have since moved on to record labels, only independent bands, or bands without a record label, are covered in the print issues. The print edition of the magazine is quarterly. Both the magazine and online versions include editorial on the current music scene, band and industry interviews, classified ads and album and gear reviews each relevant to their specific city.

In addition to covering the local music scene, The Deli also hosts live music events through the cities it covers. The most relevant is The Deli's Best of NYC Fest, happening in the Spring in NYC and tied to the publication's Best of NYC Yearly Poll, whose jury comprises NYC booking agents, bloggers and scenemakers.[citation needed]

In 2011, The Deli began including reviews of audio gear and effects pedals through their technology blog,[1] Delicious Audio.[2] Prior to this, gear reviews were syndicated from the music production website SonicScoop as part of a limited partnership.[3][4]

Cities covered[edit]

The Deli website has expanded between 2007 and 2009, covering music scenes in multiple cities with daily updated blogs, polls, charts and live listings. The cities include: New York City, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, San Francisco, California, Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New England.

Deli iconography[edit]

The Deli uses their own icon coding on their website for the genres that they cover. Keeping in line with their food-oriented moniker, they use food to represent different genres of music; like a hamburger to represent rock or hash brownie to represent psychedelia. A fish is used to represent electronic music or a soup can for ambient, etc.

Issue history[edit]

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