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===The Demon Spirit===
===The Demon Spirit===
Even with the destruction of the dactyl, all is not well in the Kingdom of Honce-the-Bear. The servants of Bestesbulzibar still roam the land, creating havoc. Elbryan and Pony, along with the small group of fighters they've formed, commence to mopping up the demon's army as best they can. Soon, though, they discover that their friend Bradwarden, who they thought was dead, is still alive and in the clutches of the Church. Furthermore the Chilichunks, Pony's adopted family, have also been captured as a means to lure Pony out so that Markwart can take back the Ring Stones stolen by Avelyn.
It is up to Elbryan and Pony, with help from their friends such as the new character Roger Lockless, to attempt a rescue while fighting the enemy. During this time Elbryan teaches Pony ''Bi'nelle dasada'', the forbidden sword-dance of the ''Touel'alfar'', the short winged elves of Corona. Meanwhile, Father Abbot Markwart schemes to get back the stolen gemstones from Jilseponie. One of his servants, Marcalo De'Unnero, uses his exceptional training in the [[martial arts]] to create two new Brothers Justice to find the woman and the gemstones and deal with them both. While this is going on, another of Markwart's servants, an ambitious monk named Brother Francis, comes to the forefront of the story. With his closeness to the Father Abbot, Francis becomes a powerful force in the monastery and eventually leads his own party in search of the gemstones, at the Father Abbot's command.
Filled with spoilers
The Church no longer has a solid foundation, however. Master Jojonah is a high-ranking member of the Church and a former teacher of Avelyn Desbris. He, along with others, begins to see the rot in their beloved institution and work quietly to bring about the truth of Avelyn. This work eventually leads to the death of the master as Elbryan and his companions free Bradwarden.
===The Demon Apostle===
===The Demon Apostle===

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The DemonWars Saga is a series of seven novels written by R.A. Salvatore. The series is set in the world of Corona, principally in the kingdoms of Honce-the-Bear and Behren, and amongst the nomadic To-gai-ru. The Saga is separated into two trilogies bridged by a single book, Mortalis. The saga has an accompanying roleplaying game, entitled Demon Wars.

The First Trilogy

The Demon Awakens

Cover to 1998 Del Rey paperback edition of The Demon Awakens, illustrated by Alan Pollock

The first book in the trilogy introduces the reader to Elbryan Wyndon and Jilseponie Ault, two young friends whose lives are irrevocably changed by the destruction of their village of Dundalis, and Avelyn Desbris, a pious young man who enters the monastery of St.-Mere-Abelle in order to study and to serve God.

Filled with spoilers

The Demon Spirit

Filled with spoilers

The Demon Apostle

The final novel in the first trilogy begins with the mopping up of Bestesbulzibar's army and the battle against the demon's spirit, which has possessed the highest levels of power within the Abellican Church. Again, it is up to Elbryan and Pony, along with their friends, to combat the corruption and attempt to end its terrible hold forever. The protagonists' courage is tested as they work to heal their home; their wits are challenged constantly as they strive to defeat the enemy; and their convictions regarding right and wrong battle against what might be necessary to end the evil.

Elbryan Wyndon, the Nightbird, travels north to take back the Timberlands while Pony moves south to the city of Palmaris. In their journeys they learn of dire news and find unexpected allies. On the one hand a civil war in Honce-the-Bear seems imminent. On the other, the intrigues of the Abellican Church, and her Father Abbot's desire to take back the magic gemstones—a desire manipulated and enhanced by the spirit of the demon dactyl—dog the steps of the heroes, especially those of Jilseponie, who has recently learned of her pregnancy.

Elbryan, Pony and their companions fight their way through numerous battles and intrigues before finally confronting Father Abbot Markwart, his lackey Marcalo De'Unnero and the spirit of Bestesbulzibar. In the end De'Unnero is defeated and Markwart is slain. The demon dactyl's spirit flees again, bringing victory for the forces of good. However, the victory comes with a heavy price as Elbryan Wyndon, the Nightbird, dies of wounds inflicted in his battle with Marcalo De'Unnero.


The novel which bridges the two trilogies of the Saga tells of Pony's life after the war: her fight against the crushing grief of her husband Elbryan's death and her fight to stop a plague infecting the people of the kingdom. At this time, the characters of Aydrian Wyndon, Elbryan's and Pony's child, and Brynn Dharielle, a To-Gai girl turned ranger, are introduced to the story.

The Second Trilogy


The novel Ascendance begins the tale of Aydrian Wyndon, a tortured and lonely young man raised by the Touel'alfar to be a ranger even greater than his father and to, hopefully, be the salvation of the elves. The plans of the Touel'alfar go awry due to Aydrian's own arrogance, cultivated by a dark force. When he leaves the home of the elves, events occur which bring about great sorrow for himself, his mother and the kingdom.


Transcendence is the story of Brynn Dharielle and her quest to free her people from the tyranny of the Behrenese kingdom. With the help of Belli'mar Juraviel, elven trainer of the rangers Elbryan and Brynn (among many others), a dragon named Agradeleas, and others, Brynn works hard throughout the story to see her dream of freedom come true.


The final novel of The DemonWars Saga brings all of the main players from the previous two books together to combat the evil still residing in the land. With the end of this novel, and the final destruction of the evil presence, the Saga concludes.


Elbryan Wyndon

The nephew of the ranger Mather Wyndon, he was taken in and trained by the Touel'alfar, the winged elves of Corona. After several years of training under his mentor and close friend Belli'mar Juraviel, he is given the name 'Nightbird' and is charged to defend the lands of the North against the armies of Bestesbulzibar, the Demon dactyl. Alongside his mate and later wife Pony and her mentor, former Abellican Brother Avelyn Desbris, Elbryan goes to Mount Aida and defies the dactyl. The demon is destroyed but Avelyn is killed.

After this victory, Elbryan leads the resistance against the remaining evil forces and takes the fight to the corrupt leadership of the Abellican Church that betrayed Avelyn. He was killed in the final battle against the Church after fighting the Bishop of Palmaris Marcalo De'Unnero. He then assisted Pony in defeating Father Abbot Dalebert Markwart, who was being possessed by Bestesbulzibar. The strain was too much and it killed him. He was given a national funeral and recognized as a ranger even greater than his uncle was.

During the final days of the war between Pony and her son Adryian (who was also possessed by the demon), the young man summoned his father's zombie-spirit to defeat his mother. Pony awoke Elbryan's consciousness from within the zombie and they banished Bestesbulzibar from Adryian's body. Years later, after Pony's death, Adrian broke the spell protecting Andur'Blough, the hidden valley of the elves, and destroyed what remained of Bestesbulzibar with the help from his father, his mother, his great-uncle and all the rangers dead before them.

Jilseponie "Pony" Wyndon Ursal

Pony was Elbryan's childhood friend. When their village was attacked by goblins, they were the only survivors. The horrors witnessed by Pony broke her mind and she was unable to remember what had happened. She was adopted by a family of Palmaris, the Chilichunks, and slowly started to regain her memory. After joining the army, she met former Abellican Brother Avelyn Desbris, who had run away from the Church with hundreds of gemstones, the source of their power. Pony and Avelyn ran away together and the monk trained her in the ways of the stones. She became a powerful magician and was soon reunited with her lost love-Elbryan.

After the dactyl's destruction and Avelyn's death, Pony helped the resistance against the advance of goblin and powrie forces in the North of Corona. However, the Abellican Church wanted the gemstones back and they sent two monks after her. The monks were defeated but Father Abbot Markwart captured her family. When she found them dead, she vowed revenge against the Church. In the next book, it was revealed that she was pregnant with Elbryan's child but it was seemingly killed during a duel with Markwart. In her rage, she fought the powerful old man again and managed to defeat and kill him. She lost her husband during this battle. and no one cares

Years later, Pony discovered that her son Adryian was still alive and had been trained by the elves like his father. Around this time, she fell in love with and married King Danube Brock Ursal becoming Queen of Honce-The-Bear. Adryian, who had been corrupted by Bestesbulzibar's spirit, killed her new husband and usurped the throne. Allying with her brother-in-law, Prince Midalis, Pony declared war on her son. In the final battle against Adryian's army, Pony fought against her son, her husband's zombie-spirit and Bestesbulzibar's spirit. She summoned Elbryan's consciousness from with in the zombie and they released Adryian from the hold of the demon. Ten years later, Pony died after spending the last decade with her son. After her death, Adryian sought to release Andur'Blough from Bestesbulzibar's stain and succeeded with help from the spirits of all the dead rangers.

Avelyn Desbris

Brother Avelyn Desbris was an Abellican monk and Pony's mentor in the art of the Stones' magic. Devoted to God, Avelyn worked hard to join the Abellican Church and finally succeeded. He quickly became a center of great attention when he crossed the Gauntlet of Pain without flinching. Father Abbot Dalebert Markwart, the supreme leader of the Church, and Master Jojonah fought very highly of him and started to groom him to be one of the four monks to travel to travel to the island of Pimaninicuit where the gemstones fell from the skies.

After having collected the greatest number of gemstones ever and losing one brother, Avelyn and his companions returned to St.Mere Abelle. During the trip, Avelyn fell in love with Dansyn, a woman who was on the ship for the crew's pleasure. However, after returning, the Abellican monks killed the crew, including Dansyn. Avelyn stole the gemstones and ran away after killing Master Siherton.


Other media


The audio entertainment publisher GraphicAudio has begun producing The Demon Wars Saga with a full cast of voice actors, narrator, sound effects and original music.[1]


There have been a number of comic book limited series set in the Demonwars universe, initially published by CrossGen:

More recently Devil's Due Publishing have been publishing adaptations of the books::


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