The Demon (1978 film)

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The Demon
The Demon (1978 Film) - DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Yoshitaro Nomura
Produced by Yoshiki Nomura
Yoshitaro Nomura
Written by Masato Ide
Seicho Matsumoto (novel)
Music by Yasushi Akutagawa
Cinematography Takashi Kawamata
Distributed by Shochiku
Release date
October 7, 1978 (Japan)
June 22, 1979 (United States)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Demon (Kichiku) is a 1978 Japanese psychological drama directed by Yoshitaro Nomura and written by Masato Ide, based on the novel by Seicho Matsumoto.


Consumed by the jealousy and power struggles of their own relationships, a man, his mistress and his wife involve three children in their own games-with tragic results. After Sokichi stops providing his mistress with monetary support, she leaves her three children with him, whom she insists are also his, and disappears. Sokichi is bewildered and his wife is livid so with regard only for their own discomfort, they go about remedying their situation.[1]



  • 1979 Awards of the Japanese Academy
    • Won
      • Best Actor - Ken Ogata
      • Best Director - Yoshitaro Nomura
    • Nominated
      • Best Film
      • Best Music Score - Yasushi Akutagawa
      • Best Screenplay - Masato Ide
  • 1979 Blue Ribbon Awards
    • Best Actor - Ken Ogata
    • Best Director - Yoshitaro Nomura
  • 1978 Hochi Film Awards
    • Best Actor - Ken Ogata
  • 1979 Kinema Junpo Awards
    • Best Actor - Ken Ogata
  • 1979 Mainichi Film Concours
    • Best Actor - Ken Ogata
    • Best Art Direction - Kyohei Morita
    • Best Cinematography - Takashi Kawamata[2]


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