The Demon Spirit

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The Demon Spirit
Author R.A. Salvatore
Cover artist Alan Pollock
Country United States
Language English
Series The DemonWars Saga
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date
January 30, 1999
Pages 544
ISBN 0-345-39152-7
OCLC 40732362
Preceded by The Demon Awakens
Followed by The Demon Apostle

The Demon Spirit is the second book in the first DemonWars Saga trilogy by R. A. Salvatore. The book is also the second out of seven books in the combined DemonWars Saga.

Plot summary[edit]

Even with the destruction of the dactyl, all is not well in the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear. The servants of Bestesbulzibar still roam the land, creating havoc while, at St.-Mere-Abelle, the centaur Bradwarden is held captive. It is up to Elbryan and Pony, with help from friends, to attempt a rescue while fighting the enemy. It is during this time that Elbryan teaches Pony Bi'nelle dasada, the sword-dance of the Touel'alfar, the short winged elves of Corona. It is also at this time that Father Abbot Markwart, head of the Church of St. Abelle, begins his spiral downward. In this novel the reader meets Andacanavar, a northern ranger from Alpinador. Also, the character of Marcalo De'Unnero becomes more fully developed.