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The Dennis Miller Show
GenreConservative talk, comedy
Running time3 hours
Country of originUnited States United States
SyndicatesWestwood One (1976–2011)
Westwood One
Hosted byDennis Miller
StarringDennis Miller, Christian Bladt, David S. Weiss
AnnouncerLarry Kenney
Recording studioSanta Barbara, California, Culver City, California
Original releaseMarch 26, 2007 – February 26, 2015
Opening themeoriginal
Ending themeYou Get What You Give

The Dennis Miller Show was a conservative American comedy and talk radio show hosted by comedian Dennis Miller on Westwood One. The show ended in 2015.[1]

Show airtime and format[edit]

The Dennis Miller Show aired at different times at various locations with Miller broadcasting out of his home in the Santa Barbara, California area and with the rest of the show being broadcast from Culver City, California.


The radio show also featured a website with additional material for paid subscribers. The additional website material included a message board, merchandise, and video clips of Dennis answering viewers questions in segment called the "Bathrobe Sessions".


The Dennis Miller Show used music as a significant part of the show. Each Wednesday featured music from a different artist or musical theme, billed as “Bumper Music Wednesday.” Many of the selections were of a classic rock format.

Frequent bumper music included the ending of "Eclipse" by Pink Floyd, a middle section of "Radar Love" by Golden Earring, and a piano section of "New Year's Day" by U2.

Notable sayings and characters[edit]

  • Chimp doctor
  • Kwok Brothers commercials
  • Touching Indians—taking phones called, saying from Lost in America
  • Slappy and Comandante—fake names for producer Christian and Dennis, aping Morning zoo radio personalities
  • "Shalom Aloha"—"and an Aloha Shalom to you"
  • "Skeetuh?"—"Skeetuh good."
  • Bit surfin'—"Two Tags on Every Bit!" (Bad joke built off a previous good joke.)
  • "Starship"—cue to play We Built This City
  • "Cheng Huan lived alone in a room on Formosa Street above the Blue Lantern, and he sat at his window and in his poor, listening heart..." (Audio clip from Out of Africa played when Dennis rambled too much on an obscure humor attempt.)
  • Siamnesia Torncurtain, the cat shouter—"Hey, get off that!"
  • The love theme from The Delta Force, special music
  • Dennis' former dog—Chicken Leg Desmond, Welfare Cheat
  • Woodsy Monckton, the Procrastinative Survivalist
  • Cass Stokeley, consumptive bouncer
  • The Burglar Owl—"Who? Me?"

Notable political guests[edit]

Frequent guests[edit]

Program staff[edit]

  • Christian Bladt, producer and sidekick during later years.
  • David S. Weiss, comedian and sidekick during the first years of the show
  • The rest of the staff were given nicknames with the sound board operators named Liev and Saberhagen and the call screeners and additional staff named Coltrane, Munga, and Agent Starling.

Frequent substitute hosts[edit]

Related Projects[edit]

  • The Dennis Miller Option, a twice-weekly 2018 podcast hosted by Dennis Miller and Christian Bladt
  • Red Circle Sports with Dennis Miller, a 2018 sports podcast hosted by Dennis Miller
  • The P’Od podcast, a weekly hour-long 2015 podcast hosted by Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla
  • The O'Reilly Factor, weekly Dennis Miller comedy segments every Wednesday
  • The Bladt Cast, a podcast by show producer Christian Bladt and other former staff

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