Blood of the Dragon (film)

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Blood of the Dragon
Blood of the Dragon poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Traditional 追命槍
Simplified 追命枪
Mandarin Zhuī Mìng Qiāng
Directed by Kao Pao-shu
Produced by Park Vengee
Written by Ni Kuang
Kao Pao-shu
Starring Jimmy Wang
Music by Flood
Cinematography Kwok Poon-kai
Edited by Fan Kung-ming
Park Films
Distributed by Harnell-Independent
Release date
  • 8 December 1971 (1971-12-08)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Blood of the Dragon, also known as The Desperate Chase, is a 1971 Hong Kong/Taiwanese wuxia film starring Jimmy Wang.


  • Jimmy Wang as White Dragon / Lung Tai
  • Lisa Chiao Chiao as Miss Yan
  • Yau Lung as Ni Chiu
  • Yeung Yeung as Ma Tang
  • Miao Tian as Sing Pa-tou
  • Yee Yuen as General Tai
  • Got Siu-bo as minor official
  • Kong Ching-ha as Mrs Yang
  • Su Chen-ping as Kang Fu's offsider
  • O Yau-man as Gold Leopard
  • Au Lap-bo as waiter
  • Lung Fei as Kang Fu
  • Lui Jun as Mr Yang
  • Yuen Sam as Ma Tang's lieutenant
  • Cheung Yee-kwai as thug
  • Wong Fei-lung
  • Wong Wing-sang as thug
  • Yu Chung-chiu
  • Tin Yau as Ma Chin
  • Gam Man-hei
  • Man Git
  • Hau Pak-wai
  • Wong Kwok-fai as soldier
  • Lau Yau-bun as soldier

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