The Devil's Tune

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The Devil's Tune
Front Cover
AuthorIain Duncan Smith
PublisherRobson Books (a division of Anova Books)
Publication date
November 6, 2003
Media typePrint (Hardback)

The Devil's Tune is a novel by British Conservative Party politician Iain Duncan Smith, published in November 2003.

The book is notable for its uniformly negative reception, such that, as of May 2019, a paperback edition was never published.[1]

Literary significance and criticism[edit]

  • "And I honestly wish I didn't have to say this, because it feels like kicking a man when he is down... but, really, it's terrible. Human sympathy strains in one direction; critical judgment the other. Terrible, terrible, terrible."
Sam Leith, Daily Telegraph[2]
  • "The Devil's Tune by Iain Duncan Smith is scarcely the greatest literature of all time but as a thriller and easy read it will while away a plane journey (or, at 400-plus pages, a couple of plane journeys) perfectly pleasantly...the dialogue is severely cliché-ridden but people do have a habit of talking in clichés."
Ann Widdecombe, Conservative politician and novelist[2]
Edwina Currie, Conservative politician and novelist[2]
John Sutherland, Northcliffe Professor of English Literature, University College London[2]


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