The Devil's Panties

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The Devil's Panties
Author(s) Jennie Breeden
Website The Devil's Panties
Current status / schedule Daily
Launch date 2001-10-08 [1]
Genre(s) comedy

The Devil's Panties is a webcomic created by Jennie Breeden.


It is based widely on her own life experiences and interactions with other people. The humor contained within it draws from a decidedly eccentric and slightly exaggerated view of the creator's surroundings, sometimes leading to surrealistic moments and other slightly absurd events transpiring throughout the course of any given strip of the comic.[2] Breeden also produces another webcomic, Geebas on Parade, which centers around a live action role-playing game. The comic seems to abandon a continual story in lieu of offering up a series of experiences conveyed into the comic style format based on what happens to Breeden in reality.

It is updated daily except under special circumstances. Typically, weekday comics are multi-panel comedic pieces, Saturday comics are single-panel comedic pieces, and Sunday "comics" are non-comedic artwork, usually in ink or watercolour.

The comic addresses a wide array of subjects throughout its run, making it often hard to attach any single recurring theme to it. The style of humour also tends to vary, ranging from the more blatant and widely recognised jokes to more subtle attempts at humour mixed in with social satire and related candour regarding subjects intended to inject a dose of seriousness amidst a punchline.

The Devil's Panties is hosted courtesy of Keenspot; in addition to hosting the section featuring the comic itself and its archive of past updates, it also hosts the creator's online portfolio amongst other sections (a section involving the sale of merchandise related to the comic is also located there as well).

Silent Devil Productions began publishing the graphic novel version of the webcomic in March 2006. In 2008, Archaia Studios Press took over publication.[3]

Misspellings and homonyms often appear in the dialogue, due to the author's practice of phonetically sounding out or spelling words as a way of working around her dyslexia.

Breeden contributed to the Create a Comic Project.[4]


Jennie Breeden - Jennie (the creator of the comic itself) is the star of her webcomic. Her personality in the comic tends to parallel her personality in real life, as do the events in her life and the people she meets therein. Her character is depicted to be a feministic geek who enjoys reading comic books and attending various conventions with her friends. Jennie has also, on occasion, shown a tendency to break the fourth wall by addressing the readers of the comic usually by indicating that a brief hiatus will be taken during the course of the strip and that the readers should expect content whenever the real-life counterpart of Jennie returns. The comic version of Jennie has short brown hair, as the real Jennie had the same hair style when she began the strip. The "Real" Jennie, when appearing in comic format, is differentiated by her longer hair and the fact that she occasionally wears different clothing (comic Jennie is almost always seen wearing a stylized labrys t-shirt and large boots emblazoned with flames)

Will - The boyfriend of both the comic Jennie and real-life Jennie. His life in the comic tends to revolve around video games and he is often depicted to be a source of comic relief. Whether this mirrors his actual life or not remains to be seen. Will and Jennie have broken up, as have their comic counterparts in the early August 2009 comic strips. According to the comic strip, their break up was on good terms and they may still be friends.

DJ - A friend and role model of Jennie who spends most of her time kicking ass and being the "only" lesbian.

Aili - A long-time friend of Jennie. They met when they were children and one might say that Aili was the one who got Jennie into drawing in the first place.

Darcy - Jennie's first roommate. She is characterised by her exaggerated height, extreme attractiveness and her love of shopping (in stark contrast to Jennie's hatred of it). She wears large black boots, a white shirt and a black pencil skirt. Despite her love of gothic apparel and nightclubs, Darcy is a "Squealing girly girl". Much is made of her long legs, highlighted by the short skirt she wears.

Stephany - Jennie's roommate from October 2003 to April 2004. She is apparently known to make an exquisite lasagna.

Lessa - Another one of Jennie's roommates who stayed with her from 1998-1999 and subsequently 2000-2001. She considers her pets, Dash (a cat) and Bixby (a chameleon) to be her "babies".

Chris - Yet another one of Jennie's roommates who stayed with her from 2001-2002. He is constantly surrounded by giggling women. He is based on Chris Daily, the creator of the webcomic Striptease, and the one who got Jennie into doing her own webcomic.

Tracey - Yet another one of Jennie's roommates who stayed with her throughout the course of 2001-2002. Her two pets are named Bailey and Sammy.

Skyler and Summer - Jennie's sisters, whom she fiercely looks out for. Skyler is a poet who also makes very disturbing puppets. Summer, previously considered young enough to be jailbait, undertakes kickboxing lessons. The real Skyler also creates comics.

Jennie's two older brothers, Eric and Christian.

Jennie's niece and nephew — Two cute little scamps who love Jennie very much. Either that, or the candy she gives them.

Karl - A friend of Jennie's since her first year of college.

Jesus Christ - Depicted as a long haired hippy. He is often shown discussing various issues with Jennie regarding matters like the character's choice of religion amongst other things.

Satan - Depicted to be a calm and calculating individual, who, oddly enough, agrees with Jesus Christ on a number of topics. He is also known to exhibit a keen fashion sense. Jesus and Satan are actually drawn as the same basic figure, then augmented with horns or a halo, as well as clothing, to identify them.

The Angel and The Devil - Always trying to protect Jennie or cause trouble for her. They pop up every now and again, and while the Devil tends to get her way more often than not, the Angel is the worst influence of the two. These characters are most likely the embodiments of the opposing sides of Jennie's conscience and are examples of a gag often seen throughout many other venues in which a character is faced with a moral dilemma.

The Princess - A third side of Jennie's conscience, the Angel and Devil tend to dislike the Princess for her excited and overly girly personality. The Princess doesn't make as many appearances in the comic strip as the Angel and Devil.

The Pirate - Smooth and smarmy, like any good pirate. Minus the scurvy of course. I guess he eats his Vitamin C. And drinks lots of rum. You can visit him here:

Betty - One of the lesser known pirates, but she probably causes more damage and mischief than any of her male counterparts.

Obby - Jennie's boyfriend after Will, Obby is first introduced in the January 14, 2010 strip. Obby is illustrated as much more robust than Will and has long curly hair and a short beard. He periodically makes jokes about white people, though his own race has not yet been specified. Obby proposed Saturday September 4, 2011 during a Kilt Blowing event at Dragon Con. Their wedding is shown in the July 10–12, 2012 strips.

Laurell K. Hamilton: This internationally best-selling author of Jennie's acquaintiance has been featured in occasional guest appearances since the two met. One such feature was used as a bonus-type extra feature in a recent 'Anita Blake' novel.

Jonathon Greene: Laurell's current partner, sometimes known online as 'Eridine' was featured in the 'Anita Blake' bonus feature comic. It concerns an episode where they all visit a restaurant where a seemingly gay waiter is left somewhat discombobulated by his attraction to Jon. Laurell then chastises Jon for encouraging him as she wants their food quickly - she is seemingly quite hungry at this point.


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