The Devil Inside Me

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The Devil Inside Me
Film poster
Traditional 奪命心跳
Simplified 夺命心跳
Mandarin Duó Mìng Xīn Tiào
Cantonese Dyut6 Ming6 Sam1 Tiu3
Directed by Zhang Qi
Produced by Meng Luyue
Screenplay by Zhang Qi
Huang Wei
Starring Tony Leung
Kelly Lin
Cinematography Wang Xuewen
Edited by Zhang Jia
Xi'an Qujiang Film Investment
Xi'an Qujiang Culture Production Investment
Unicorn (Beijing) Film & TV Media
Distributed by Beijing Enlight Pictures
Xi'an Qujiang Film & TV Investment
Release date
2 July 2011 (2011-07-02)
Running time
95 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

The Devil Inside Me is a 2011 Chinese horror thriller film directed by Zhang Qi and starring Tony Leung and Kelly Lin.


Lin Yan (Kelly Lin) is a beautiful woman who has fallen into dire straits as a result of a heart transplant that is gradually turning into another person. Yan believes that all the strange things that she encounters are the result of the heart transplant and that she is becoming the deceased owner of the heart Jiang Beiyan (Anya). Due to memory of the heart, Yan gradually sees different memories of Beiyan and under heavy mental pressure, she develops hallucinations and always feeling that Beiyan is around her. Also because of the memory of the heart, Yan thinks that her face is Beiyan and thinks she sees Beiyan while looking at herself in the mirror and pursues her memories and finds help from Beiyan's boyfriend Ma Benke (Huang Weide). In reality, it is physician Jiang Mu (Tony Leung) who is manipulating everything from behind. Mu knows that he has brain cancer and does not have much time left and uses Yan as his experimental target to verify that his "heart memory" theory is feasible and to extend the life of her lover, Beiyan. Mu gave Benke a heart injected with a large dose of anesthetic and yielded his heart to Benke hoping to revive himself in Benke's body so he can live a happy life with Beiyan.


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