The Devilish Blue Buffalo

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The Blue Buffalo
Android Kikaider character
Created by Shotaro Ishinomori

The Devilish Blue Buffalo is a character in the television show Android Kikaider (人造人間キカイダー, Jinzō Ningen Kikaidā?). The Blue Buffalo is one of Kikaida's fiercest opponents, and one of the most memorable villains, other than Hakaider. It is an android character.


The Blue Buffalo made its first appearance in Episode 4 of Android Kikaida.[1] The Buffalo began his reign of terror killing a dockworker and capturing Yukiko. He uses her as bait for a trap to destroy Kikaida. After being aided by Hanpei, Kikaida escapes the trap and engages in battle with the Blue Buffalo. After going through his fiercest and most brutal battle Kikaida finally defeats the Blue Buffalo. The Buffalo's primary weapon was the Buffalo Missile. The Blue Buffalo weighed in at 105 kg and its height was 198 cm.[2]

After being destroyed by Kikaida, Blue Buffalo was restored to test the strength of the Silver Tortoise. Alongside the Gray Rhino King, Green Mantis, Orange Ant, Yellow Jaguar, Black Horse, Blues Kong, Carmine Spider, Red Condor, Scorpion Brown, Gold Wolf, Silver Cat, and Pink Tiger they all fight the Silver Tortoise. Blue Buffalo was again defeated, then destroyed by the Silver Tortoise along with the other android monsters.[3]

Due to the popularity of the Blue Buffalo, the character made another appearance in the Kikaida Movie.