The Devonsville Terror

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The Devonsville Terror
The Devonsville Terror FilmPoster.jpeg
Cover art of 1984 VHS release
Directed by Ulli Lommel
Produced by Charles Aperia
Jochen Breitenstein
David Dubay
Ulli Lommel
Tim Nielsen
Bill Rebane
Written by George T. Lindsey
Ulli Lommel
Suzanna Love
Starring Suzanna Love
Donald Pleasence
Robert Walker Jr.
Music by Ray Colcord
Cinematography Ulli Lommel
Edited by Richard S. Brummer
Distributed by Motion Picture Marketing
Embassy Pictures
Release date
  • October 1983 (1983-10)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Devonsville Terror is a 1983 American horror film, directed by Ulli Lommel and starring Suzanna Love, Donald Pleasence, and Robert Walker. The plot focuses on three different women who arrive in a conservative New England town, one of whom is the reincarnation of a witch who was wrongfully executed along with two others by the town's founding fathers in 1683.[1]

The Devonsville Terror was filmed primarily in Lincoln County, Wisconsin in 1983, and was intended for a theatrical release[2] but instead hit the home video circuit in 1984 through Embassy Home Entertainment. The most recent home video release for the film was in 1999, released on both VHS as well as a double billing DVD paired with Lommel's The Boogeyman (1980).


The film opens in 1683 Massachusetts where three women in the town of Devonsville are kidnapped by the townsfolk and systematically tortured and executed. After the final woman's execution, her apparition appears in the sky and a thunderstorm begins.

Then, 300 years later, Dr. Warley (Pleasence) investigates the witch's purported curse on Devonsville. Three liberated, assertive women move into town, which angers the bigoted, male-dominated town fathers. One of the women is a reincarnation of the witch, who proceeds to exact revenge on the town males. Meanwhile, Dr. Warley fights a supernatural illness resulting from his lineage to the town's founding fathers who were responsible for the execution.

Main cast[edit]

  • Suzanna Love as Jenny Scanlon
  • Donald Pleasence as Dr. Warley
  • Robert Walker Jr. (as Robert Walker) as Matthew Pendleton
  • Paul Willson as Walter Gibbs
  • Mary Walden as Chris
  • Deanna Haas as Monica
  • Michael Accardo as Ralph Pendleton
  • Bill Dexter as Aaron Pendleton
  • Priscilla Lowe as Myrtle Pendleton
  • Angelica Rebane as Angel Pendleton

Production and release[edit]

The Devonsville Terror was written by Lommel and George T. Lindsey, and draws on numerous historical aspects of the witchcraft inquisition in the colonial era of the United States. Lommel stated that he had spent some time in Massachusetts and was inspired by the Salem Witch Trials.[2] Star Suzanna Love, Lommel's wife, also helped write the film. Filming primarily took place in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.[3]

The film was given theatrical marketing through Motion Picture Marketing company (MPM) in 1983, though it never made it into theaters.[2]

Home media[edit]

Embassy Pictures released the film the following year on VHS. Anchor Bay Entertainment re-released the film on VHS in 1999, along with a double-billing DVD paired with Lommel's The Boogeyman (1980), which is now out of print.[4]



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