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DiY Sound System, also known as the DiY Collective, was a British house music sound system that formed in 1989.[1] The group "divided their activities between free parties and legal club nights, acting as a bridge between counter-culture and the mainstream".[2]


The DiY Collective was founded in Nottingham in 1989[1][3] as a reaction against the growing commercialisation of pay parties, especially Orbital raves such as Biology. DiY's standpoint came from an merging of anarchist principles and a history of attending both free festivals and clubs such as the Haçienda. They wished to form a cohesive, collective, political front against the prevailing anti-rave legislation that was beginning to come into force at that time.[4] This became more marked around the time of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, with DiY playing a key role in the illegal rave at Castlemorton Common Festival prior to the Bill,[5][6] and a constant stream of illegal, outdoor parties (often at travellers' sites, quarries and disused airfields) all over the country.[7] Simon Reynolds wrote that DiY threw "free parties at abandoned airfields or on hilltops, drawing a mixed crowd of urban ravers and crusty road warriors".[8]

DiY also worked in the realm of legitimate club nights, starting with their first night at the Kool Kat, Nottingham on 23 November 1989 on Harry's 23rd birthday.[9] Their "Bounce" began at Venus, Nottingham in February 1991 and ran for five years at various clubs, including nights at the Dance Factory.[10] Bounce also at one point had a network of nights in Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham, Exeter and Bath.[citation needed]

The label put out releases from members of the DiY Collective, as well local artists including Atjazz, Rhythm Plate and Charles Webster.[11]

DiY continue to hold occasional free parties, typically to celebrate a milestone date—on 19 September 2009, DiY celebrated their 20th birthday with a free party near their home town of Nottingham, and on 23 August 2014, their 25th birthday with a free party held in a field in Leicestershire.[4][12]

On 3 October 2020, it was announced that Pete Birch (DJ Woosh aka the Peaceful Ones) had died from cancer.[13][14][15][16] Despite Covid restrictions, a wake was held in Nottingham and a ceremony was held at Prestwold Natural Burial Ground where he is interred. In May 2021 a birch tree was planted on his grave.[citation needed]

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