The Diddakoi

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The Diddakoi
The Diddakoi.jpg
First edition
Author Rumer Godden
Country United Kingdom
Genre Children's book
Publisher Macmillan (UK)
Viking (US)
Publication date
Pages 140
ISBN 0-333-13848-1

The Diddakoi is a 1972 novel for children by Rumer Godden. It won the 1972 Whitbread Award in the Children's Book category.[1] It is the story of an orphan traveller or Romani girl called Kizzy, who faces persecution, grief and loss in a hostile, close-knit village community. The title is an alternative spelling of the term "didicoy".

It was dramatised as a television serial, Kizzy (1976), which was produced by Dorothea Brooking for the BBC, with Vanessa Furst as Kizzy. The novel has been republished under the title Gypsy Girl, and has been adapted as a BBC radio drama of the same name. This adaptation features Nisa Cole.[2]