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The Diego family are the main characters in the Belizean television miniseries Noh Matta Wat!. The following are short summaries of each character; for more on their respective roles in the show, see the show's article.

Tomasa Diego[edit]

Tomasa (played by Carrie Fairweather) is the matriarch of the family. She is the voice of reason and often mediates conflicts between Margaret and her children, in addition to being a confidant to Margaret. She is quiet, wise and dignified as befits her character. Early in season 3, she visits relatives in the southern town of Punta Gorda, where she helps to quell a domestic violence situation threatening to explode, before returning to Belize City as of the fifth episode.

Margaret Diego[edit]

Margaret (played by Sherlette Lopez), otherwise known as Mags or Maggie, is mother to Randy and Lisani and the daughter of Tomasa. She is struggling to expand her business while at the same time dealing with the return of the men in her life, Steve Castillo and Clifford Rowland. She is strong, opinionated, dedicated, fiery and protective, as seen in season 3 in her dismissal of Rowland and dealings with Randy following the latter's run-in with troublemakers.

Randy Diego[edit]

The volatile sixteen-year-old (played by Kerret Paulino) attends high school in Belize City and aspires to become a rapper. He has secured the mentorship of neighbour Dan Man and has had at least two records played on national radio. His troubles stem from the fact that he does not know his father until he meets Minister Clifford Rowland in the middle of season 1. When he finds this out he becomes even more determined to be his own man. But early in season 3, after a run-in with escapees Juni and Luga, he seeks out his father's protection, signaling a possible change of heart.

Lisani Diego[edit]

The industrious 18-year-old (played by Shackera Samuels) attends a tertiary level institution in Belize City and works part-time at a hairdresser's for extra money. The shock of meeting her father (Steve Castillo) in season 1 causes her to briefly rebel, but she returns to the fold just as quickly. She eventually normalizes her relationship with Castillo, only to run into more difficulties when one of her coworkers announces she is pregnant for him. This situation remains unresolved as of season 2. Early in season 3, Lisani receives a scholarship to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C. (coincidentally the home of series director Steven Berry).