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The Digger was an alternative magazine published in Australia between 1972 and 1975. It was established by Phillip Frazer, Bruce Hanford, and Jon Hawkes. Notable contributors included Ron Cobb, Ian McCausland, Bob Daly, Patrick Cook, Beatrice Faust, Ponch Hawkes, Helen Garner, Michael Leunig, Anne Summers, Neil McLean, and Phil Pinder.

With Frazer as the common thread,The Digger was produced by a frequently changing collective—including Bruce Hanford, Helen Garner, Ponch Hawkes, Jenny (Jewel) Brown, Colin Talbot, Garrie Hutchinson, Virginia Fraser, Hall Greenland,[1] Grant Evans, and Michael Zerman in the Sydney office—until December 1975, when it folded under the weight of too little money and too many lawsuits—a libel suit from Builders Labourers union boss Norm Gallagher, another filed by the head of the South Australian Police, and an obscenity case brought by the State of Victoria for Helen Garner's article describing a sex-education class. Frazer left Australia for the United States in July 1976.,[2] and has lived as a publisher, editor, and writer in both countries ever since. Frazer's blog includes numerous posts of articles and graphics from The Digger archive.


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