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The Digital Fiend is an Italian American electronic music producer based in West Virginia.


Born in Washington DC and raised in Fort Washington/Oxon Hill, Maryland, Anthony Privitera The Digital Fiend a.k.a. Mr Sound Smith, has been recording music as a drummer/percussionist since 1994 with friends from Real Earth productions which is a documentary film company out of Clinton, Maryland and now based in West Virginia, run by longtime friends and music partners Raymond, Richard and Christian Schmitt. His career in music did not begin until meeting hip hop/experimental artist Atari Blitzkrieg in 2008. Since 1994 The Digital Fiend had only done jams and recording out of fun and his love for the music and friends that came with it. Keeping the realistic thoughts on music and the business about it, Digital Fiend continues to keep up with blurring genres and not conforming to only one style of music. Since 2002 he has been experimenting with electronic equipment and adding live percussion in the mix. His Serial Port Experiments w/ Atari Blitzkrieg album is a perfect example of this.


Compilation spots[edit]

  • Galactic Funkyard- The Day After The End Has Begun album, Tethered Records, 2009
  • Mad Scientist- The Day After The Light Has Gone album, Tethered Records, 2009
  • Moments In Time- 12-30-99 album, Godsendant Music, 2010
  • BRVB- off the Perfect Blue EP, Godsendant Music, 2010
  • The Chill - The Moments That Unfold Before Me In Life, Godsendant Music, 2011


  • Genie In A Bottle Of Soap- Altered Beats, Vinyl 2003
  • Flip Side Of things -B side- Altered Beats, Vinyl 2003
  • Wired Weird- Digital Fiend Productions, 2011
  • Pinnacle- Digital Fiend Productions, 2001
  • The Crappy Recording Of Steve Sanders Somewhere In A Hotel In New Hampshire- Digital Fiend Productions, 2011


  • Flawed Human Interactions- Godsendant Music, 2009
  • Chase The Dragon- Godsendant Music, 2011


  • The Quest For Circuitry- Real Earth Productions, 2002
  • Serial Port Experiments- Godsendant Music, 2010
  • Stay Cool Project One- Digital Fiend Productions, 2011
  • Digital Fiend and Friends Sounds For A Lazy Day- Digital Fiend Productions, 2011

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