The Dimes

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The Dimes
Origin Portland, Oregon, United States
Genres Folk/Pop
Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
Indie Pop
Folk Rock
Art Rock
Baroque Pop

The Dimes are an American folk-pop band from Portland, Oregon. While The Dimes have released four EPs under their own self-titled label, The Dimes, their album, The Silent Generation, recorded under the label Pet Marmoset, is considered their debut album. The songs on The Silent Generation were largely based on stories which singer–songwriter Johnny Clay read in Depression-era newspapers, and which guitarist Pierre Kaiser found under the floorboards of his 1908 Portland home.[1] The album was released in December 2007 to positive critical reviews.[2] Their song "Jersey Kid" was featured on NPR Music's Second Stage.[3]

The Dimes released their follow-up album, The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry, on December 1, 2009. The album is based on the stories, people and history of Boston, Massachusetts. The band released a short EP, New England, in early 2009 which featured some of the songs slated to appear on The King Can Drink the Harbour Dry.[4]

In mid-2010, The Dimes released an EP, William Dawes and other Forgotten Gems, of B-sides from the King record sessions, which featured some older songs that had long been part of their live show.

According to lead guitarist Pierre Kaiser, the band was taking much of 2011 to focus on recording and songwriting, targeting a new release in the fall of 2011. "We still plan to play local shows in Portland from time to time during the year, but recording is our focus right now, and frankly, it feels wonderful."

The Dimes are the second band of the same name to form in Portland, Oregon, preceding the band composed of Meredith Butner, Steve Gevurtz, Katie Greenhoot, and Liza Stillhard. The Dimes released their self-titled album in 2001 and they also appear on the CD companion to the book, DIY in PDX, as well as a four-song album released in 2002 entitled, Will I?, Won't I?, Do I?, Don't I?.

Band members include[edit]

  • Johnny Clay - Vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, Rhodes
  • Pierre Kaiser - Electric guitar, tornado noises
  • Kelly Masigat - Vocals, guitars, mandolin
  • Anthony Powell - Guitars, Percussion
  • Tucker Jackson - Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Ryan Lewis - Bass guitar
  • Jake Rahner - Drums

Previous or Occasional Members[edit]

  • Ryan Johnston - Bass guitar
  • Matt Farina - Drums
  • Ehren Ebbage - Lap steel, acoustic guitar, and vocals.[5]
  • Mattie Kaiser - Viola
  • Skip VonKuske - Cello
  • Shawn Tuthill - Vocals, keyboards, percussion, and trumpet


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