The Dinosaurs!

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The Dinosaurs!
Genre Documentary
Narrated by Barbara Feldon
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1 series
No. of episodes 4 episodes
Producer(s) Kathi White, Trudi Brown
Running time 56 min. per episode
Original network PBS
Original release 1992

The Dinosaurs!, American television miniseries produced by PBS in 1992, featuring some of the then-modern theories about dinosaurs and how they lived.

The program[edit]

The program features the age of dinosaurs, from the appearing of the early forms like Herrerasaurus, to the Tyrannosaurus and Ceratopsians of the late Cretaceous. The possibilities whether dinosaurs were active, warm-blooded animals, had parental care, and the theory that they are the ancestors to birds are featured. What caused their extinction is also discussed.


  • Part 1 - The Monsters Emerge
  • Part 2 - Flesh on the Bones
  • Part 3 - The Nature of the Beast
  • Part 4 - The Death of the Dinosaurs


Some animated depictions were made to give an impression of how the dinosaurs might or could have looked and how they might or would have behaved. Those animations have been featured in other media since. Some of them have been available to see in public computers at Swedish Museum of Natural History. Many of the animations have also been uploaded on YouTube.

Home Video[edit]

The series was released on VHS and laserdisc in 1993.[1] The VHS edition was re-issued in November 10, 1998 with different case artwork. It is Re-released in the Fourth Cover in November 2, 1999. There have been no plans or discussions for a DVD or Blu-ray release.

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