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The Dirty Sock Funtime Band[1][2][3] is a multi-national New York City-based children's music band. "A rock band for kids that really rocks," in the words of Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors, who is a featured vocalist on the CD "Mr. Clown and the Day the Sun Got Wet".[4][5][6] Since 2005, DSFB has been heavily featured on the Noggin TV program Jack's Big Music Show, with four videos running on the popular kids' music show. They are the 2nd most represented group on the program, behind Laurie Berkner

The group's most popular songs are "Dino-Soaring", "Music Everywhere", "SuperSpies", and "No Good Reason Party"

They were invited to compose music for a Nick Jr. recycling PSA titled "Playful Parent", and Band member Mike Messer sang a rocked up version of the WONDERPETS theme for a commercial promoting the show's new season.

The Members of the band come from The United States, Germany, and Australia.

DFSB won a 2006 Time Out NY Kids Reader's Choice Award for Best NYC-Based Kids' Band.

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band is completing a TV show called "The Dirty Sock Funtime Band Show", a Monkees type music filled magazine format sitcom.


  • Mike Messer (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Stephen Jacobs (Guitar, Vocals)[7]
  • Adam Jacobs aka Mr. Clown (Hype Man)
  • William Phillips (Guitar)
  • Jasper Leak (Bass)
  • Sean Dixon (Drums)
  • Annie Elmer (the Raven Rocker... Dancer)
  • Ken Thomson (Woodwinds/Horns)
  • Ty Citerman (Guitar/Vocals)

In 2006 Uwe Petersen was welcomed in as the band's drummer. Petersen and lead singer Michael Messer met in Amsterdam in 1997 when they were touring Europe and the Middle East in the musical Hair. In 2008 he was replaced by drummer/percussionist Sean Dixon, of the Katy Pfafl Band. Dixon was introduced to Messer at the Carre theater in Amsterdam, during that same tour. Dixon was in Amsterdam playing in a Grateful Dead tribute band. Jasper Leak, an Australian who previously toured with singer Songwriter Marc Broussard replaced Eric Rockwin as the band's bass player.

Former members[edit]

Former members include Nadine Nassar, who played the role of the blue haired dancer "Dizzy Izzy Clown"in the videos "Dino-Soaring" and "Music Everywhere", and Diana Ferrante, a classically trained ballet dancer, yoga instructor, actress and model who played the blonde haired dancer "Rock Angel" in the videos "No Good Reason Party" and "SuperSpies". Diana's first appearance with the group was on the nationally broadcast morning talk show FOX and Friends. That same day, bass player Eric Rockwin was unavailable, and guitarist Ty Citerman dutifully and seamlessly filled in. Citerman continues to fill in on guitar and bass occasionally.

In the earliest incarnation of the band, Eric Rockwin and Paul Chuffo were the bass player and drummer respectively, and are featured on the group's first 2 CDs. Also featured on the first CD, "the Search and Rescue of Genius Backpack" were Broadway actors Matt Stocke and Bradley Dean, plus a series of different singers on various songs. After that CD, which was primarily a fund-raising tool for KIDS CREATIVE, the group found itself a more regular lineup and began to develop a recognizable personality and sound.

Other projects[edit]

Stephen Jacobs and Adam Jacobs (Mr. Clown), band members and founders (and brothers) founded Kids Creative a non profit arts organization The activities of Kids Creative led to the creation of The Dirty Sock Funtime Band. Kids Creative runs after school programs and summer camp programs in New York City in which the participants create an original rock musical, usually with the members of The Dirty Sock Funtime Band.

Lead Singer Mike Messer is a singer/songwriter, performing mostly in the Northeastern U.S. He sometimes plays solo and sometimes with Nick Cassarino and Matt Bogdano under the name the Mike Messer Band. Between 2006–2007 Dirty Sock members Uwe Petersen and Jasper Leak were a part of his solo band. The group has gone under the name "Adoraborialis", "The Sabatourists" and "Purple Parasols of PunDamas". He also performs with Ethicist Jack Marshall, providing guitar and vocals for the program "Ethics Rock".

Horn player Ken Thomson, guitarist Ty Citerman and former bassist Eric Rockwin are also in the group Gutbucket.


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External links[edit]

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  • Dirty Sock Funtime Band's MySpace Page Where you can befriend the band, get and send personal messages, see where the band is playing and watch videos.
  • Gutbucket; a Jazz/rock/art band that features Ken Thomson, Eric Rockwin, Ty Citterman and Paul Chuffo.
  • Mike Messer Band soulful finger poppin love-rock band playing the music of singer/songwriter Mike Messer, the lead singer of the DSFB.